Megalith Watches: Origin and Reviews – Are They Good?

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Megalith watches stand out for their design and finishes; however, little is known about this brand, apart from the fact that they are disrupting the market with their prices.

At first glance, their low cost gives us a hint that they are a brand of Chinese watches, although this does not necessarily mean they are of poor quality.

China has long ceased to be synonymous with cheap trinkets, and they are increasingly exporting higher-quality products. Nevertheless, it is true that not everything that glitters is gold.

In this article, we will gather all available information about Megalith watches, considering their origin, the best models, and the opinions they provoke, to determine whether they are genuinely good or not.

鉁 Megalith Watches: History and Origin

Megalith is a relatively new brand when considering the history of the leading watchmakers in the market, as it has only been around for 5 years.

relojes Megalith

The brand itself places the origin of Megalith watches in 2015, although it was officially registered as a trademark in 2017.

According to their website, Megalith watches aim to strike a balance between fashion, price, function, and fit, and their goal is to revamp the outdated and expensive models in the watch industry.

The registration is under the name of Guangzhou Huoyunle Trading, a company located at No. 106 Fengzedong Road, Nansha District, Guangzhou.

This area is well-known for being the headquarters of many other Chinese brands such as Lige, Forsining, or Skmei, each specializing in its own sector within the industry.

Megalith watches are mainly low-cost quartz watches, but to determine their quality, it is necessary to analyze each of their components separately, which we will do in the following section.

鉁 Are Megalith Watches Good?

By now, it’s clear that Megalith watches come from China, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t find a good watch from this brand.

To determine if they are good, we need to consider the quality of each of the parts that make up the watch, such as the bracelet, case, crystal, and internal mechanism.

Megalith Watch

Case Diameter45 mm
Case Thickness10 mm
MaterialsStainless Steel
Water Resistance3 ATM (30 meters)

鉃 Case

Most Megalith watches use cases made from alloy metals, rather than stainless steel like more expensive brands.

The metals used can be copper and zinc (classic brass), but they may also contain other materials like aluminum.

This shouldn’t be a problem, but often these alloys are painted to look like steel, and over time with heavy use, the paint may wear off.

鉃 Bracelet

This brand offers a wide variety of watches, and generally, each one can be acquired with different types of bracelets, but in practice, it all boils down to three types: leather, nylon, or stainless steel.

Both nylon and stainless steel are very durable and long-lasting options, while the leather is a plastic imitation that may be less durable.

鉃 Crystal

Most watches from the brand use mineral crystal to cover their dials, an intermediate option that provides good visibility but may not be as resistant as other choices.

Mineral crystal doesn’t withstand scratches as well as sapphire but is harder than acrylic crystals and can be easily replaced due to its low cost.

鉃 Movement

The movement of a watch is the internal mechanism that makes it work. When we say that Megalith mainly manufactures quartz watches, it means their functioning is based on quartz mechanisms.

The positive note here is that many of their watches mention the use of Japanese movements and batteries.

Japanese movements have a better reputation than Chinese ones, so it’s better to look for a model with this characteristic, although, with a simple quartz mechanism, you may not notice the difference.

鉁 Best Megalith Watches

In summary, the best Megalith watches are entirely made of stainless steel, although the nylon strap is also quite resistant, and they feature Japanese mechanisms.

Here are some of their current best collections:

鉃 Diver-style Watches

Many of the brand’s most successful designs are diver-style watches, but it’s more of an aesthetic choice rather than practical, as they don’t have the same water resistance as well-known diving watches.

Most of these watches have a water resistance of 3 ATM, about 30 meters, making them splash-resistant but not suitable for diving.

鉃 Megalith Digital and Analog Watches

Another quite common design in the brand includes watches that combine an analog dial with a digital display, getting the best of both worlds.

On one hand, they offer the elegance of traditional hands, and on the other, the convenience and functionality of digital watches.

鉃 Megalith Chronographs

Many Megalith watches also come with chronographs, both in analog and digital designs, although this feature is available only in quartz models.

鉃 Megalith Mechanical Watches

Although most of the brand’s models run on quartz mechanisms, they also offer some affordable automatic mechanical watches.

These watches don’t require batteries as they are powered by the wearer’s movements.

鉁 Prices and Reviews

Megalith is a brand that manufactures simple yet eye-catching watches at extremely affordable prices, which is why they have gained considerable success.

Obviously, they are not heirloom watches, but they can come in handy for a specific moment, as they look good and function properly.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a sturdy watch for rugged work or diving, this may not be your brand. However, if you just want a fashionable accessory that complements your new outfit, it can be a good choice.

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