Forsining Watches: Origin and Reviews. Are They Good?

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Today we are going to review Forsining watches, a Chinese brand whose affordable mechanical designs have exceeded all our expectations.

Among Chinese watch brands, Forsining is one of the few specialized in mechanical designs, some of which are truly ingenious, such as their skeleton watches.

The brand offers a wide variety of automatic watches ranging from a few euros to several hundred, but they all tend to offer much more than their cost.

In this post, we will reveal the history and origin of Forsining watches, as well as their most successful designs, to come to the conclusion of whether they are really good or not.

FORSINING Reloj de pulsera para hombre, esfera transparente, automático, clásico, de...
MovementAutomatic mechanical
Case Diameter40 mm
Case Thickness13 mm
MaterialsAlloy case and leather strap
Water ResistanceSplash-proof only
Special FeaturesTransparent case back

ÔťÜ Forsining Watches: History and Origin

Although Forsining’s official website doesn’t shed much light on the company that manufactures them or the location of their facilities, some research can provide some information.

Forsining Watches

The brand is registered in Hong Kong as Forsining Watch Company Limited but is actually part of a larger conglomerate, Ruixue Watch Company Limited, based in China, which also owns other Chinese watch brands such as Jaragar and Winner.

The Ruixue Watch Company produces its watches in Guangdong, a region located in southern China that we have mentioned before as a hub for watch production in the country. Brands like Benyar, Megir, Skmei, and even Parnis also manufacture their watches here.

It is also known that the company has been operating since 2006, so it is relatively new but has been producing watches for over 12 years, allowing it some time to understand the market’s needs and improve its designs.

Finally, it should be added that since its beginnings, Forsining watches have been sold in Chinese retail stores like Alibaba and Aliexpress, although it is currently also possible to purchase them online from other shops.

ÔťÜ Are Forsining Watches Good?

In general, Forsining watches are good in terms of design and functionality, although the quality of the materials depends a lot on the price range of the model purchased.

Forsining Watch

As with any other brand, the price is usually linked to the quality of the components, but this premise is not always true and may not reflect the real value of the watch.

Therefore, before purchasing a Forsining watch, it is important to consider each of the components it is made of. The most important ones are:

  • The case: The more affordable models usually have alloy cases, generally made of copper and zinc. Their appearance is similar to steel but may not withstand the test of time as well. The more expensive watches from the brand usually include stainless steel cases.
  • The crystal: The most commonly used material by the brand is mineral crystal, which offers good visibility but is not as scratch-resistant as sapphire. In any case, it can be easily replaced as it is not very expensive.
  • The strap: The best ones are those with metal straps, as even in the more affordable designs, they are made of stainless steel. There are also models with leather straps, but they are generally synthetic, meaning they are made of a plastic material that imitates leather.
  • The movement: Forsining watches usually use automatic movements of Chinese origin. They are generally well-designed and can maintain reasonably acceptable precision. The problem is that the quality control in Chinese factories is often deficient, so we can find well-adjusted movements with an acceptable deviation range and others that gain or lose several minutes per day.

In conclusion, Forsining watches are good for the ultra-cheap price range they are offered in, especially if we are lucky enough to get a well-adjusted model.

ÔťÜ Best Forsining Watches

As mentioned earlier, the best Forsining watches are mainly automatic models, although the brand offers designs for all tastes. Here are some of the most well-known ones:

Ôץ Automatic Watches

Forsining automatic watch

Most of the brand’s watches are automatic, meaning they are self-winding through the movement of the wrist, although they also produce some manual-winding models.

The best ones usually include various complications such as a complete date display with day of the week and month divided into sub-dials, seconds stop, manual winding, in addition to the automatic mechanism.

It is also very common, apart from skeleton models, for them to have a transparent case back that allows the mechanism to be admired while in operation.

Here are some of the best ones:

Reloj de muñeca Forsining FSG340M3T3 para hombre, automático, con calendario diario,...
  • Movimiento autom├ítico, con mecanismo de 21 rub├şes y Tourbillon en la esfera.
  • La corona y la parte trasera de la esfera, fabricadas en acero inoxidable, revelan tu estilo.
  • Incluye calendario. Carcasa de aleaci├│n, cristal protector mineral y correa de piel negra.
  • -
  • Viene en una caja de regalo y con un manual de instrucciones (idioma espa├▒ol no garantizado).
FORSINING Reloj deportivo de moda impermeable para hombre con correa de goma Lightweigh...
  • Movimiento autom├ítico de alta calidad que proporciona una hora precisa, sin necesidad de bater├şas. Pantalla anal├│gica y dise├▒o de esfera de moda....
  • Caja de acero inoxidable y vidrio mineral a prueba de ara├▒azos para ventana de esfera, banda de goma suave y ligera, garantiza que te sientas c├│modo...
  • Resistente al agua hasta 30 m, impermeable para el cuidado diario, no para nadar ni bucear
  • Adecuado para cualquier ocasi├│n, deporte y estilo al aire libre, ya sea en el trabajo, ocio o en el banquete, este reloj ser├í tu gran opci├│n.
  • Viene con caja de regalo original y manual del reloj. Si tienes alg├║n problema con este reloj en 90 d├şas, te ofreceremos un reembolso completo....
FORSINING Reloj de pulsera de acero inoxidable con movimiento automático para hombre,...
  • Movimiento autom├ítico de calidad de 17 joyas y esfera de visualizaci├│n angloga con ├şndice de barras
  • Corona de acero inoxidable y parte trasera de la caja y dise├▒o especial de esfera que revela tu punto de vista de moda
  • Ventana protectora de cristal mineral, caja de aleaci├│n, pulsera de acero inoxidable
  • Se env├şa con rastreo n┬║ propia f├íbrica y todos los relojes son originales
  • Viene con caja de regalo original y manual del reloj. Dos a├▒os de garant├şa

Ôץ Skeleton Watches

Forsining Skeleton Watches

As mentioned at the beginning of the text, Forsining also offers numerous skeleton watches, some with truly original designs and prices lower than those of other brands.

These models are also automatic and allow the mechanism to be seen from both sides of the watch. The following are among the best designs:

FORSINING Reloj de pulsera para hombre, esfera transparente, automático, clásico, de...
  • Tama├▒o: di├ímetro: 41 mm; grosor: 13 mm; longitud de la correa del reloj: 20 cm; ancho de la correa: 22 mm
  • Dise├▒o de moda: dise├▒o transparente hueco de lujo, exquisita mano de obra, mostrando el temperamento ├║nico del usuario
  • Alta calidad: movimiento mec├ínico avanzado, sin ruido; la caja de acero inoxidable es duradera y resistente a los ara├▒azos.
  • Multifunci├│n: manecillas luminosas, f├ícil de comprobar la hora; reloj cl├ísico, adecuado para cualquier ocasi├│n, ya sea ocio diario o actividades...
  • Regalo: dise├▒o de esfera retro transparente, un regalo ideal para familiares, novios, maridos, amigos en las vacaciones de cumplea├▒os o aniversario....
Reloj analógico automático Forsining con correa de acero inoxidable FSG8042M4G3
  • 17 joyas de calidad con movimientos autom├íticos y estructura con dial anal├│gico
  • La corona y la parte trasera de la carcasa, fabricadas con acero inoxidable, revelan tu estilo.
  • El cristal mineral protege el vidrio, la carcasa es de aleaci├│n y la pulsera es de acero inoxidable.
  • Producto 100┬á% original. Todos los relojes son originales.
  • Viene con la caja original y un manual de instrucciones (idioma espa├▒ol no garantizado).
Reloj - FORSINING - Para Hombre. - FSG6909
  • La caja del reloj de acero inoxidable y la correa de cuero hacen que el reloj sea m├ís duradero
  • Visualizaci├│n completa del calendario: mes/semana/d├şa, manecillas luminosas en la oscuridad
  • Resistencia al agua de 3 ATM que se adapta a tus necesidades diarias (no apto para nadar, ducharse)
  • Medici├│n precisa de la hora: autom├ítico autom├ítico, proporciona una hora precisa y exacta
  • Buena opci├│n para regalos de d├şa festivo, Acci├│n de Gracias, regalos de Navidad, regalo de A├▒o Nuevo, regalo de graduaci├│n, regalo del d├şa del...

Ôץ Tourbillon Watches

Forsining tourbillon

Forsining also produces various models with a tourbillon, although it is only a window that shows the balance wheel in operation.

A real tourbillon is a complication found in watches that cost several thousand euros, so you won’t find it in a watch that costs just a few euros. However, for those who are not well-versed in watchmaking, it can give the impression.

Here are some of the best examples:

Reloj de pulsera de piel automático para hombre Forsining, tourbillon, FSG165M3S4
  • Mecanismo autom├ítico, con 21 joyas y tourbillon en la esfera.
  • Corona de acero inoxidable y dise├▒o de caja y esfera especial que revela tu punto de vista.
  • Calendario completo y con cristal mineral protector, caja de aleaci├│n, correa de piel negra.
  • -
  • Incluye caja de regalo original y manual del reloj (idioma espa├▒ol no garantizado).

Ôץ Watches with Moon Phase

Finally, the brand often includes an extra complication in some of its designs. This is the moon phase, an additional window where we can see the sun or the moon according to the time of day. It also often displays the time in a 24-hour format.

Here are some of those designs with moon phase, many of which are also skeletonized or feature a tourbillon:

Forsining Hombres reloj de pulsera automático de gama alta, fases de la luna, correa de...
  • Movimiento autom├ítico, con mecanismo de 21 rub├şes y fases de la luna en la esfera.
  • La corona y la parte trasera de la esfera, fabricadas en acero inoxidable, revelan tu estilo.
  • Incluye calendario. Carcasa met├ílica, cristal protector mineral y correa de piel marr├│n.
  • -
  • Viene con la caja original y un manual de instrucciones (idioma espa├▒ol no garantizado)
Yoodeet Reloj de pulsera mecánico de cuero genuino para hombre, de acero inoxidable,...
  • Correa de piel aut├ęntica, dise├▒o de esfera de esqueleto, caja de acero inoxidable.
  • Especificaciones (aprox.): di├ímetro: 44 mm, grosor: 15 mm, longitud de la correa del reloj: 25 cm, ancho de la correa: 22 mm.
  • Resistencia al agua diaria (resiste la lluvia y las salpicaduras de agua, pero no es aplicable a duchas, buceo, esn├│rquel o trabajos relacionados con...
  • Movimiento: mec├ínico autom├ítico.
  • El paquete incluye: 1 reloj mec├ínico + 1 caja de regalo.

ÔťÜ Reviews

As always, we like to take into account the opinions that other buyers have already expressed about each of the brands we review.

In this case, Forsining has a good number of positive reviews regarding its good design and the precision of its mechanism. However, there are also some negative reviews that mainly point to a too short power reserve and the fragility of the leather straps of some models.

We have also noticed that some buyers complain about the lack of accuracy, but as mentioned before, it all depends on the adjustment of each individual mechanism.

At this price level, buying watches becomes a kind of lottery where you can either get an incredibly precise bargain or a watch with intolerable deviation.

ÔťÜ Best Sellers

Finally, here is an updated list of the brand’s watches that have been the best sellers in Spain in recent months:

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