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North Edge watches are gaining recognition in the market thanks to their sporty design and advanced functionalities for outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

Personally, as a mountain sports enthusiast, my quest for an affordable watch that could withstand the demands of my expeditions and also have some useful features led me to this brand.

Certainly, they are not very well-known watches, but they are quite economical, and they are packed with sensors like barometer, thermometer, etc., which has led me to research several of their most famous models.

This article delves into the features, advantages, and possible disadvantages of North Edge watches, based on detailed analysis and user opinions.

✚ Origin of North Edge Watches

North Edge watches come from China, specifically from Xiamen, the city where the headquarters of the brand, officially named “Xiamen North Edge Technology Co., Ltd,” is located.
North Edge Mars Pro

Founded in 2001, this technology company specializes in the development and production of watches, focusing on wearable digital devices and multifunctional watches.

With over 20 years of experience, the company offers a wide range of products such as smartwatches, GPS fitness trackers, solar watches, and smart bracelets, as well as watches designed for diving, climbing, running, and other sports.

North Edge is well-known for its mountain watches with ABC sensors, but its catalog includes models with all kinds of functions, including health care functions like heart rate, ECG, blood pressure, and temperature.

In short, it is a company that pays special attention to research and development of products and maintains well-equipped facilities.

With over 100 employees and an annual turnover exceeding USD 5 million, North Edge exports 80% of its production worldwide, enjoying a solid reputation in markets such as Europe, the United States, Japan, the Middle East, South Africa, India, and Korea.

✚ How Are North Edge Watches?

As an outdoor activities enthusiast and a watch aficionado with experience in various brands and models, my encounter with North Edge watches has been notably positive, albeit not without certain considerations.

Below, I detail my experience and evaluation of these watches, highlighting both their strengths and areas for improvement.

Positive Aspects:

North Edge Aqua

  • Durability and Resistance: North Edge watches are designed to withstand the most extreme conditions, something I have personally confirmed. Whether it’s underwater dives, mountain hiking, or simply daily use, their solid construction and quality materials ensure a long lifespan.
  • Specialized Functionality: Every North Edge model I’ve tried offers a set of functions specifically tailored to different activities. For example, the Apache model, with its ABC features (altimeter, barometer, and compass), is invaluable for hiking and land exploration.
  • Value for Money: One of the standout features of North Edge watches is their excellent value for money. They offer features and durability comparable to more expensive brands but at a fraction of the cost. This makes them accessible to a wide range of users, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts.

Negative Aspects:

  • Size and Comfort: Although robustness is an advantage, I have found that the considerable size of some models, like the Gavia Sport, can be inconvenient for people with smaller wrists. Additionally, prolonged wear comfort may be affected by strap design or lack of micro-adjustment in the clasp.
  • Lighting and Legibility: While overall legibility is good thanks to high-contrast designs, the quality of lume (luminescence) in some models leaves something to be desired, especially in low-light conditions. Additionally, the backlight in the Apache model could be brighter, enhancing the user experience in dark environments.
  • Interface and Learning Curve: Although I appreciate the wide range of functions, I’ve noticed that the learning curve to fully utilize these features can be somewhat steep for users unfamiliar with technical watches. A more intuitive interface and more detailed user guides would be beneficial.

Despite these minor drawbacks, I consider North Edge watches to be a good option for those seeking a durable and functional watch without breaking the bank.

✚ The most famous North Edge watches


➤ North Edge Apache

North Edge Apache
The North Edge Apache focuses on hiking enthusiasts and outdoor activities with its set of ABC features (altimeter, barometer, and compass).

These watches are not only affordable but also surprisingly comfortable and durable. Their ability to provide accurate altitude and barometric pressure readings, along with a functional compass and durable design, positions them as an excellent alternative to more expensive watches.

There are currently 2 similar versions in functionality but with different sizes: the North Edge Apache 46 with a 46 mm diameter and the Apache 3 with a 50 mm diameter.

MovementMulti-function Quartz
Case Diameter46 mm
Case Thickness14 mm
MaterialsAlloy case / Nylon strap
FunctionsBarometer, compass, altimeter, thermometer, pedometer
Water Resistance5 ATM (50 meters)

➤ North Edge Gavia

North Edge Gavia
The North Edge Gavia Sport directly challenges the Casio Pathfinder with its wide range of features at a fraction of the cost.

This watch stands out for its water resistance of 200 meters, step counter, and the ability to adjust compass declinations, offering unparalleled versatility for outdoor activities.

Although its size may be overwhelming for small wrists and the lume quality is improvable, its competitive price and robustness make it a valuable choice for those seeking a mountain watch.

MovementMulti-function Quartz
Case Diameter48 mm
Case Thickness15 mm
MaterialsStainless steel case and strap
FunctionsWorld time, compass, barometer, altimeter, pedometer, thermometer, dive function
Water Resistance20 ATM (200 meters)

➤ North Edge Aqua

North Edge Aqua
The North Edge Aqua presents itself as a rugged and reliable watch for free diving enthusiasts. With a solid construction and intuitive interface, it also offers excellent value for money.

Its ability to switch between diving modes and its accuracy in both fresh and saltwater make it an attractive option.

However, its short strap and the need to press a button to view the depth of the last dive are aspects to consider. Despite this, its durability and functionality make it an ideal daily watch for sea lovers.

MovementMulti-function Quartz
Case Diameter47 mm
Case Thickness15 mm
MaterialsStainless steel case / Silicone strap
FunctionsAdvanced diving functions (depth, NDL, etc.) + compass, altimeter, barometer
Water Resistance10 ATM (100 meters)

In conclusion, North Edge watches are presented as a robust and functional option for outdoor enthusiasts, offering an impressive value for money.

However, there is undoubtedly room for improvement, especially in terms of comfort for users with smaller wrists and readability under low-light conditions.

Despite these aspects, the brand demonstrates a commitment to innovation and durability. With attention to these critical details, North Edge has the potential to further perfect its offering and establish itself as a leader in the market for affordable adventure watches.

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