SANDA Watches: Review and opinions – How good are they?

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Sanda 6126
SANDA watches emerge as an intriguing option for the budget-conscious consumer, challenging the traditional notion that quality and affordability are mutually exclusive.

However, this brand is not without controversy, especially among watch purists who question the durability and originality of its designs.

Drawing from my personal experience, I delve into the world of SANDA, exploring whether they truly offer tangible value or are merely a mirage in the desert of affordable watch options. This review seeks to unravel the truth behind their appealing price and their status in the market.

ÔťÜ Origin of SANDA Watches – Where Are They From?

SANDA watches have their roots in China, specifically in the Guangdong province. The brand was founded in 2011 under the name Guangzhou Lang Clock and Watch Co. LTD, marking the beginning of its journey in the watch industry.
SANDA 3008 Watch

Since then, the brand has specialized in watch assembly in this region, known as a major manufacturing and trading hub globally. Brands like Addiesdive, San Martin, and Starking also manufacture their watches here.

The distribution of SANDA watches is carried out through various Chinese watch trading companies, allowing wholesale purchase. Prominent suppliers include Ningbo Spring Smiles Tada Trading Company and Guangzhou HuaFan Trading Company, both contributing to the brand’s expansion both domestically and internationally.

In an attempt to formally register the brand, Peng Gengbin initiated the SANDA registration process in 2018, using the address No. 378 Zhengzuo, EDiHuYuan Leiling Town, Chaonan Dist. Shantou, Guangdong, CHINA 515137. However, for reasons that have not been disclosed, the registration process was abandoned.

Despite this setback, SANDA has continued to grow and establish itself as an affordable and quality watch brand, recognized by consumers worldwide.

ÔťÜ How Good Is This Watch Brand?

SANDA watches have gained popularity in the global market for offering an attractive combination of functionality, design, and affordable pricing.

However, as with any brand, it’s important to critically analyze both its components and functions to determine its real value.

Below is an objective evaluation of this brand’s watches, based on how they are made and user experience:

Ôץ Material Quality

SANDA watches are typically made with materials that, while not top-tier, offer acceptable strength and durability for their price range.

Most of their models use resin for the case and strap, and acrylic crystal for the dial, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear, although prone to scratching and wear over time.

SANDA 6126 Watch

Ôץ Construction and Design

In terms of construction, SANDA watches are well-assembled, without significant gaps or loose parts in most cases.

However, design can be a point of contention: while some models present an attractive and modern aesthetic, others may appear as direct imitations of more established brands, which could detract from the brand’s originality.

Ôץ Features

These watches also stand out for including a wide range of features, from basic ones like time, calendar, and alarm, to more advanced functions such as chronographs, step counters, and water resistance.SANDA 2107 Watch

However, the accuracy and reliability of these functions can vary. While time and calendar functions are usually accurate, more complex functions like step counters may not be as precise as those of brands specializing in sports watches.

Moreover, while additional features are a plus, their durability and long-term performance may be inconsistent.

Water resistance, for example, though suitable for daily use, may not hold up under extreme conditions or over time, limiting their versatility in intense water activities or extreme sports.

Ôץ User Experience

Overall, they are comfortable watches to wear due to their lightweight and ergonomic design. They also offer a variety of styles that can cater to different tastes and needs, from sporty to casual.

However, the perception of quality may be affected by the feel of the materials used, especially when compared to watches from more premium brands.

Ôץ Quality-Price Ratio

This is where SANDA watches truly shine as they offer excellent value for money, being an attractive option for those seeking specific functionalities without making a significant investment.

Therefore, they are a solid choice for everyday use, especially for those who don’t want to worry too much about wear and tear or the possibility of loss.

In summary, this watch brand is recommended for those seeking a functional and affordable watch for daily wear, but may not be the best option for watch enthusiasts or those requiring high precision and durability in extreme conditions.

ÔťÜ Review of the Best SANDA Watches

These are the SANDA watches that are making waves on social media and specialized watch forums across the internet:

Ôץ SANDA 2145

SANDA 2145
The SANDA 2145 is touted as the perfect watch for athletes, with features including an alarm, stopwatch, timer, and Dual Time.

This model stands out for its easy programming and design focused on comfort during exercise.

Moreover, it offers a special mode for running or walking, recording routine data such as steps, distance, and calories burned.

MovementJapanese Quartz
Case Diameter45 mm
Case Thickness14 mm
MaterialsPlastic Resin
FunctionsStep counter, calories, stopwatch, timer, alarm, calendar
BatteryMAXELL Battery
Water Resistance5 ATM (50 meters)

Ôץ SANDA 739

The SANDA 739 model, with its titanium coating and military certification, is ideal for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts.

This military tactical watch is not only resistant to barometric pressure but also offers a combination of digital and analog display, along with a long-lasting battery.

MovementMultifunction Quartz
Case Diameter53 mm
Case Thickness16 mm
MaterialsPlastic Resin
FunctionsStopwatch, alarm, calendar, LED backlight
BatteryMAXELL Battery
Water Resistance3 ATM (30 meters)

Ôץ SANDA 6016

SANDA 6016
The SANDA 6016 mimics the design of the popular G-SHOCK GA-2100, offering an affordable option without sacrificing style or functionality.

This model features water resistance of 50 meters, a chronograph, timer, and alarm, making it a versatile watch for both daily wear and special occasions.

MovementMultifunction Quartz
Case Diameter45 mm
Case Thickness14 mm
MaterialsPlastic Resin
FunctionsChronograph, timer, alarm, calendar, LED backlight
BatteryMAXELL Battery
Water Resistance5 ATM (50 meters)

Ôץ SANDA 293

The SANDA 293 stands out for its square digital design, reminiscent of iconic models like the Casio DW-5600, making it an affordable option for those who appreciate classic style with a modern twist.

It also offers basic functionalities such as a stopwatch, alarm, and water resistance, making it an ideal companion for everyday wear.

MovementMultifunction Quartz
Case Diameter44 mm
Case Thickness12 mm
MaterialsPlastic resin case and PU strap
FunctionsChronograph, alarm, calendar, LED backlight
BatteryMAXELL Battery
Water Resistance5 ATM (50 meters)

Ôץ SANDA 320

The SANDA 320 is presented as a robust digital watch, ideal for those who value durability and functionality above all else.

This model follows the brand’s tradition of offering super affordable watches, making it perfect for daily use, especially in environments where a watch may be subject to bumps and scratches.

MovementMultifunction Quartz
Case Diameter52 mm
Case Thickness15 mm
MaterialsPlastic resin case and TPU strap
FunctionsChronograph, alarm, calendar, LED backlight
BatteryMAXELL Battery
Water Resistance3 ATM (30 meters)

ÔťÜ Final Opinion

In conclusion, watches from this brand represent an enigma in the watchmaking world. On one hand, they offer accessibility and variety that is hard to ignore, especially for those seeking functionality without a hefty price tag.

However, my personal experience leads me to question the originality of their designs, an aspect where this brand does not particularly stand out, as it simply copies designs from other brands like Casio.

While they fulfill their basic purpose, the lack of a distinctive brand identity and their extremely economical components suggest that SANDA still has a long way to go to compete with established brands.

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