North Edge Apache 46: My review and honest opinion

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my North Edge Apache 46
Today I’m going to give my opinion on one of the most famous North Edge watches, the North Edge Apache 46, a robust military-style watch packed with survival features.

As a watch enthusiast and outdoor activities enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for a watch that is not only functional and durable but also has a design that aligns with my active lifestyle.

The North Edge Apache 46 has been my companion for the past few months, and here is my honest opinion about this watch, based on my personal experience.

ÔťÜ North Edge Apache 46 – Technical Specifications

North Edge Apache 46

BrandNorth Edge
ModelApache 46
TypeMilitary Digital Watch
StyleMilitary / Adventure
Water Resistance50 meters
Case– Thickness: 14 mm
– Diameter: 46 mm
Band– Width: 22 mm
– Material: Nylon
– Clasp Type: Buckle
DisplayHardlex (scratch-resistant)
BatteryCR2032 (up to 3 years lifespan)
Functions– Stopwatch
– Backlight
– Shock resistance
– Chronograph
– Alarm
– Compass
– Temperature measurement
– Atmospheric pressure measurement
– Date and day of the week
Case MaterialAlloy
LightingLED backlight for night visibility
Other Features– Week display
– 12/24-hour time format

ÔťÜ Design and Features

The design of the North Edge Apache 46 is, in a word, imposing. From the moment I strapped it on my wrist, its presence was not only noticeable to me but also to those around me.
Its military and rugged aesthetic strikes a balance between functionality and style, something I deeply value in a watch intended to be part of my day-to-day and adventures.

Ôץ The Case

The case, with its 14 mm thickness and 46 mm diameter, gives the Apache 46 a robustness that I personally find very appealing.

Unlike other watches that may seem delicate or fragile, the Apache 46 feels ready to tackle any challenge, without sacrificing its appearance.

This sense of durability is essential to me as I seek watches that can accompany me both in outdoor activities and social events without looking out of place.

Ôץ Strap

The 22 mm strap complements the case perfectly, providing a comfortable and secure fit. It’s a durable nylon band practical for outdoor activities; however, I would have liked the option to swap it for other bands to diversify its appearance according to the occasion.

I value customization in my accessories, and while the Apache 46 excels in terms of functionality and style, a bit more versatility in this aspect would have been ideal.

Ôץ The Crystal

Despite these considerations, the design of the Apache 46 resonates with my personal aesthetic. Its screen, protected by Hardlex, has withstood scratches with ease, maintaining excellent legibility under different lighting conditions.

This is a detail I particularly appreciate as it allows me to be outdoors without worrying about screen visibility or accidental damage.

ÔťÜ Functionality and Comfort

What truly sets the Apache 46 apart are its features. Equipped with a stopwatch, backlight, shock resistance, chronograph, alarm, compass, temperature and pressure measurement, and water resistance of up to 50 meters, this watch is ready for almost any adventure.

Its operation is quite intuitive, though I must admit that with so many features, it took me some time to get used to navigating between the different menus.

The CR2032 battery is another plus, promising up to three years of lifespan. This is especially important to me as I prefer spending more time exploring than worrying about charging my watch.

Regarding time accuracy, it is notable, and like any other quartz-based digital watch, it remains consistent without significant deviations. However, the size and weight of the watch may be a factor to consider for some.

I personally enjoy the feeling of a more substantial watch on my wrist, but I can understand how this could be a drawback for others, especially in formal situations or for those with thinner wrists.

North Edge Apache 46

ÔťÜ North Edge Apache 46 VS Apache 3

When comparing the North Edge Apache 46 with its predecessor, the Apache 3, some key differences can influence a watch enthusiast’s purchasing decision. Personally, I have had the opportunity to experience both models, and here I share my impressions.

The Apache 46 has a bulkier design and also features some additional functions. Additionally, it boasts Hardlex glass and long-lasting battery aspects that I highly value, given my preference for low-maintenance watches.

On the other hand, the Apache 3 presents a more streamlined approach. Although it shares the rugged and military aesthetic of the Apache 46, its set of features is less extensive, which might be suitable for those seeking basic functionalities in a durable watch without the need for the advanced tracking and measurement capabilities of the Apache 46.

Durability and water resistance are maintained, but the overall experience is more user-friendly for the average user who does not require the additional complexities.

In my experience, the choice between the Apache 46 and the Apache 3 boils down to personal needs and preferences. If you value having a watch equipped with a wide range of functionalities to accompany you on demanding adventures, the Apache 46 is unmatched.

However, if you prefer something simpler that still retains the ruggedness and distinctive style of the Apache line, the Apache 3 might be the way to go.

Both models reflect North Edge’s commitment to durable and functional watches, but the Apache 46 takes the experience a step further with its advanced capabilities and design tailored for the modern adventurer.

ÔťÜ Final Reflection

In summary, the North Edge Apache 46 has proven to be an exceptionally rugged, functional, and aesthetically pleasing watch. Although it is not without limitations, such as its size and lack of band customization options, these are small concessions compared to what it offers.

For those looking for a watch that can withstand an active and adventurous lifestyle without breaking the bank, the Apache 46 is undoubtedly a choice worth considering.

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