Geneva Watches: History and Reviews, Are They Good?

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Geneva watches have gained a lot of popularity in recent years due to their ultra-low-cost designs, but are they good enough for their price?

They are a brand of American watches based in New York that manufactures in the Far East. Although they not only make cheap watches, they also have some high-end models.

The brand is often confused with Universal Geneve, a former Swiss watch company whose designs are highly valued by collectors, but they are different companies.

In this article, we will explore the origin of the Geneva watches currently sold, analyzing their best models to determine if they are truly good or not.

Casual Geneva Watch

Case Diameter39 mm
Case Thickness9 mm
MaterialsAlloy case and fabric strap

ÔťÜ Geneva Watches: Origin and History

The Geneva watches currently sold are manufactured by Geneva Watch Group, an American company based in New York and founded in 1974.

Geneva Watches

Geneva Watch Group is primarily engaged in the production of fashion watches under license for brands such as Kenneth Cole, BCBGeneration, and Sean John, among others.

Although their most well-known watches are those bearing the Geneva brand, many of them have vintage designs similar to those of Universal Geneve.

On the other hand, Universal Geneve is an old Swiss brand based in Geneva, whose luxury watches are highly appreciated by collectors.

Its origin dates back to 1894 when it was founded in Le Locle, Neuchâtel, Switzerland by Ulysse Perret and Numa-Emile Descombes, two watchmaking students who started by manufacturing watch components.

The company quickly began producing its own watches, and perhaps its greatest contribution to the watchmaking industry was inventing the first chronograph in 1917.

In conclusion, the Geneva watches manufactured by Geneva Watch Group do not have a historical connection to the traditional Universal Geneve brand, although their appearance may be similar.

ÔťÜ Are Geneva Watches Good?

According to the brand’s own website, Geneva watches are meticulously crafted, with strict attention to every detail of the production process and maintaining total control over it.
Geneva Watch

They also mention their great design capabilities, with fashion experts from leading schools around the world.

However, the brand also informs that their sourcing and manufacturing resources are primarily located in the Far East.

Specifically, they are manufactured by Watch Factory, a company based in Hong Kong, where a large number of brands of all qualities are produced.

Unfortunately, Geneva watches are not among the best products from this factory, even when compared to other low-cost Chinese watch brands.

The cheaper Geneva watches tend to wear out easily, even with moderate use, which relegates them to almost disposable pieces.

Don’t expect Japanese mechanisms or stainless steel in the designs of this brand. If you’re lucky, the strap will be made of this material, but not in large quantities.

Geneva watches are attractive and can be useful in certain situations, but they are not a good choice for daily or long-term use.

ÔťÜ Best Geneva Watches

Although they don’t have a wide range of models, some of Geneva’s best watches can be found in versions for men and women.

The Platinum collection is also highly regarded, as well as some vintage models or those with a vintage aesthetic in line with the aforementioned Universal Geneve.

Ôץ Men’s Geneva Watches

men's Geneva watch

The men’s models from the brand are mostly slim watches with quartz movements and minimalist designs similar to Daniel Wellington.

Among the best models are those with Milanese mesh bracelets made of stainless steel, which is hard to find in this brand’s designs.

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Ôץ Women’s Geneva Watches

Women's Geneva Watches

The women’s models from the brand are more varied, often featuring gold designs and the use of gemstones on the dials.

In this case, the best models are also the simplest and most minimalist, as they have fewer parts that can wear out.

Ôץ Geneva Platinum Watches

Geneva platinum watch

Within the platinum collection, you can find some of the brand’s best-designed watches, although they are slightly more expensive.

These watches are very colorful with eye-catching patterns and extravagant shapes that are sure to attract attention.

Ôץ Vintage Geneva Watches

Vintage Geneva Watches

These models cannot be considered truly antique, as the brand is relatively new, but they do have several vintage designs that may appear older than they actually are.

They are quartz watches with gold-tone cases and hour markers, sometimes even with Roman numerals, aiming to imitate the aesthetics of the famous Universal Geneve.

ÔťÜ Prices and Reviews

There is no doubt that these watches are extremely cheap, even considering they are manufactured in Hong Kong. However, this does not mean they are a good purchase.

If you search for information about this brand, you will likely find criticism regarding their durability and resistance over time, as they can be considered almost disposable.

If you need a cheap watch for a temporary solution or, for example, for a costume, they may be useful. However, if you plan to use them more intensively or even on a daily basis, there are many other Chinese watch brands that, for just a little more, will better withstand the test of time.

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