Benyar Watches: History, Origin, and Reviews

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In this article, we analyze Benyar watches, a low-cost brand specialized in the production of affordable chronographs and other fashionable designs.

Benyar is a Chinese watch brand that stands out for manufacturing fully functional chronographs and tachymeters at a much more affordable price than other well-known brands.

Naturally, like all Chinese brands, Benyar watches have some weak points, but they also offer some interesting features considering their low cost.

In this post, we will thoroughly analyze the best watches from the brand, along with the opinions of people who have already tried them, to ultimately determine whether they are good or not. But first, let’s learn about their history and origin.

鉁 Benyar Watches: History and Origin

According to the brand’s official website, Benyar watches were born in 2012 with the purpose of producing a modern, exquisite, and genuine sports watch.

Benyar Watches

To achieve this, the company emphasizes its production systems, research, and development, focusing primarily on the goal of obtaining the highest quality while meeting customer needs.

However, setting aside the brand’s corporate propaganda, it is true that Benyar watches have their origin in Guangdong, a province and region located in southern China with a significant watchmaking tradition.

In fact, many watch manufacturers in the country are located in Guangdong. Brands like Lige, Skmei, Pagani Design, and even Parnis are manufactured in this region.

The original brand is By Benyar, and it was registered by Ye Yingbin in the province of Puning, also part of the Chinese Canton or Guangdong region, although the exact factory where these watches are assembled is unknown.

鉁 Are Benyar Watches Good?

To determine whether Benyar watches are good, we need to break down each design into its components because not all models are made with the same materials and therefore cannot offer the same quality.

In general, these watches are usually made of stainless steel, with hardened mineral glass and Japanese movement, although there are some exceptions.

Benyar Watch

To acquire a good Benyar watch, you need to consider the following aspects:

  • The case: The best models have a stainless steel case, but some are made with an alloy (copper and zinc), a material that may lose color with prolonged use. Therefore, it is desirable to obtain a model with a steel case.
  • The glass: Many Benyar watches advertise their glass as hardlex, but in reality, this material is owned by Seiko, so it is likely some other type of hardened mineral glass.
  • The movement: Some models specify that they have a Japanese quartz movement. These types of mechanisms are more famous for their reliability and durability compared to Chinese movements, so they are more recommended.
  • The strap: Depending on the model, these watches can come with a stainless steel or leather strap, although given their price, do not expect genuine leather but rather some type of synthetic leather.

In conclusion, not all watches from this brand are equally good, but if you choose the right model, you can get good use out of them despite their low cost.

鉁 Best Benyar Watches

Here are some of the best Benyar watches currently available, taking into account their price and the features they offer:

鉃 Benyar Tachymeter BY5102


GlassHardened Mineral
MovementJapanese Quartz
Case Diameter43 mm
Case Thickness15 mm
Weight73 grams
Water Resistance3 ATM (30 meters)
Special FeaturesChronograph and Tachymeter

The BY5102 is an elegant sports chronograph, thanks to the combination of its metallic silver case and brown leather strap with a buckle closure.

With a diameter of 43 mm, it is a watch of considerable size but not excessively large, designed to be worn on a medium-sized wrist.

Like many watches from the brand, it features a multifunctional Japanese quartz movement with a chronograph and tachymeter scale. It is also water-resistant, although only to the splashes typical of daily use.

鉃 Benyar BY5112 Black Label

GlassHardened Mineral
Case Diameter46 mm
Case Thickness16 mm
Weight93.5 grams
Water Resistance3 ATM (30 meters)
Special FeaturesChronograph and Tachymeter

Another successful model from the brand is the BY5112, a design that can be classified among striking skeleton watches, characterized by having part of the internal mechanism visible.

It is a watch of considerable size, with an alloy case that has a diameter of 46 mm and a thickness of 16 mm. The ensemble is protected by a hardened mineral glass that covers the dial.

In this case as well, we have a multifunctional quartz movement with a chronograph and tachymeter, caliber SI04, of which the country of origin is unknown.

鉃 Benyar BY-5121 Skeleton


CrystalHardened mineral
MovementChinese automatic
Case diameter45 mm
Case thickness15 mm
Weight98 grams
MaterialsAlloy case and leather strap
Water resistance3 ATM (30 meters)

The BY-5121 is another characteristic automatic mechanical watch from the brand, quite popular for its unique case shape and visible movement.

It features an alloy case (copper and zinc) and a considerably sized hardened mineral crystal, with its 45 mm diameter making it suitable only for large wrists.

Internally, we have the classic mechanical movement of the brand, which is skeletonized, allowing the mechanism to be seen while it is in operation.

鉃 Benyar BY5114


CrystalHardened Mineral
Case Diameter41.7 mm
Case Thickness12.3 mm
Water Resistance3 ATM (30 meters)

The Chinese brand also offers less sporty designs without a chronograph but equally elegant and eye-catching, such as the 2023 model BY5114.

A 41mm diameter watch in which the lower position of the date indicator and the attached small seconds sub-dial are the main highlights of its design.

鉃 Benyar BY-5185 Automatic


CaliberSeagull ST6
Case Diameter39 mm
Case Thickness11.7 mm
Water Resistance10 ATM (100 meters)

Last but not least, we must mention one of the best-selling mechanical watches from the brand, the BY-5185. It is a mechanical watch based on the Chinese-made Seagull ST6 caliber.

The BY-5185 is made of stainless steel with a sapphire crystal and features a transparent case back, allowing the mechanism to be seen in operation.

鉁 Reviews

If we analyze the reviews that users have given for this brand, we can see that a good part of them are positive. However, there are also some criticisms, mainly related to the loss of color in the cases of some models.

There are also negative opinions about some watches due to the misalignment of the hands with respect to the hour markers in the chronograph, so it is advisable to test this function and make use of the warranty if necessary.

Another recurring complaint is the lack of a comprehensible user manual, although it is possible to find all the information about the operation of these watches online.

In any case, most sellers offering this brand in Spain provide a warranty, and some retailers even allow free returns if the product is not satisfactory.

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