Naviforce Watches: Origin, Price, and Reviews

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On this occasion, we will focus our research on Naviforce watches, a brand of Chinese watches that enjoys a good reputation despite being extremely affordable. Let’s see why.

Initially conceived as a brand of military watches, Naviforce has managed to establish itself in the market and currently also manufactures fashionable dress watches and sports watches.

The keys to its success have been, apart from the low prices, the use of good components such as waterproof metal cases, leather straps, and, above all, reliable Japanese movements (usually Miyota).

While not all models are at the same level, in this entry, we will also show the best Naviforce watches currently available on the market.

‚úö Naviforce Watches and Their Origin

Naviforce is a relatively new brand, with its origins dating back to 2012 when the company was established in Guangzhou, a Chinese city with a strong watchmaking tradition and the headquarters of other well-known Chinese brands like Guanqin or Parnis.

Naviforce WatchesIt is in that city where Mr. Yang, the founder of the brand, begins his university life and is exposed to the discipline of a military camp, where he is fascinated by the rectitude and perseverance of the soldiers.

But although the military world seduces him, as an enthusiast of watches, he decides to found his own watchmaking company after completing his graduation and making a name for himself as a watch designer.

Beyond the story told by the brand, the truth is that Naviforce watches started as military-type watches, and in fact, their name, inspired by the Navy Seals, is quite a statement of intent.

Although the brand is currently more focused on attracting a younger audience interested in fashion, with more eye-catching designs but with the same spirit of resistance and quality they started with, in order to, according to the brand itself, become a benchmark in consumer watches.

‚úö Are Naviforce Watches Good?

Naviforce is one of the best-selling Chinese brands with a good reputation in the low-cost watch market.

Of course, we cannot expect a high-end watch for the few euros they cost, but the components used in their designs are of a higher level than what is usually seen in watches at these prices. Let’s look at them individually:

Naviforce NF9182 Watch

MaterialsAlloy case and stainless steel strap
Case Diameter45.5 mm
Case Thickness17 mm
Water Resistance30 meters

‚ě§ The Case

Most Naviforce watches use an alloy metal case whose exact composition is unknown.

Due to the type of paint used, the surface should have magnetic properties, so it is possible that it is made of some type of steel.

The case back is generally made of stainless steel and seals the case with a screw in most models.

‚ě§ The Crystal

Naviforce usually uses mineral crystal in its watches, and some of them even use Hardlex, a type of hardened mineral crystal that is more resistant to scratches than conventional glass, although not as much as sapphire.

‚ě§ The Crown

Generally, the crown is located on the right side and is of a good size. It is also very common in different Naviforce designs to have the crown engraved with an N, the brand’s logo.

‚ě§ The Dial

Naviforce WatchAlthough the brand has a wide variety of designs, the important thing is to visualize the “JAPAN MOVT” seal at the bottom of the dial. This indicates at a glance that the mechanism that moves the watch is of Japanese origin.

The dials also usually include the brand’s logo and the indication of water resistance. In the sports models, we can also find luminescent hands and hour markers, although we cannot expect the quality of a dive watch that costs several hundred euros.

‚ě§ The Strap

Regarding the straps, Naviforce usually uses PU (synthetic leather) in the less expensive models and genuine leather for the higher-quality ones. Both materials offer good resistance to wear and are clearly of higher quality than their price suggests.

We can also find stainless steel bracelets in some designs, which is unusual in watches at this price level.

‚ě§ The Movement

Most of the brand’s watches feature Japanese quartz movements, many of which are from well-known brands like Miyota or even Seiko.

So far, we have seen Miyota 2305 and Seiko AL21E4 inside some Naviforce watches, which are affordable quartz movements with a good reputation.

The brand also commonly uses Sony batteries, so the claim of a two-year battery life made for selling some models may not be far off.

In conclusion, we can say that the brand’s reputation is well justified since, despite being low-cost watches, the materials used in their manufacturing are well above average in quality.

‚úö Best Naviforce Watches of 2024 (Top Sellers)

The variety of designs available in Naviforce is extensive, although we can basically classify all the brand’s watches into three main groups: analog, analog-digital, and multifunction.

Here are the best Naviforce watches currently available based on the sales volume of each design.

As you can see, there are many multifunction sports models, although among the best-selling ones, we can also find some dress watches.

‚úö Prices and Reviews

As mentioned, these are very affordable watches that can be obtained for a few euros, although the latest releases from the brand tend to slightly increase the price.

Regarding the opinions expressed about this brand, the most common feedback is positive, especially regarding the accuracy of the watches, as they do not run fast or slow over time.

They also receive good reviews for the materials used in the straps, as they are comfortable, withstand the test of time well, and do not peel easily.

As for the negatives, one aspect is that the lume or fluorescent coating on the hands is not very bright, and another is the presentation of the watches, which usually come in a plastic bag rather than a nice box, which tarnishes the user experience when receiving them.

In any case, despite these small defects, we are dealing with well-designed watches that can easily compete in appearance with much more expensive brands. When we add the precise and reliable Japanese movements they feature, we can’t ask for more considering their cost.

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