Skmei Watches: History, Origin, and Reviews

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Today we will analyze Skmei watches, a Chinese manufacturer specialized in digital models in the style of Casio but much cheaper.

The low cost of these Chinese watches often raises doubts about their quality, but the truth is that Skmei manufactures its own watches and, as a manufacturer, can offer more guarantees than a simple distributor.

In fact, the large number of positive reviews about the brand in different online stores reveal that these watches fulfill their purpose.

The company manufactures electronic watches of all kinds, both digital and LED, generally multifunctional like dive watches and sports monitors with heart rate and pedometer, and even smartwatches. However, they also have some analog models nowadays.

In this article, we will uncover the history and origin of Skmei watches, as well as all the details about their functionality and the best models currently available.

SKMEI Reloj digital inteligente para hombre, color negro, plateado, dorado u oro rosa,...
CrystalAcrylic crystal
MovementJapanese Quartz
Case Diameter43 mm
Case Thickness13 mm
Weight85 grams
MaterialsPlastic resin
Water Resistance5 ATM (50 meters)
Special FunctionsAlarm, chronograph, date, LED backlighting…

ÔťÜ Skmei Watches: History and Origin

The Skmei company was founded in 2010 in Guangdong, a region located in southern mainland China, where it is currently headquartered.

Guangdong, or as it is known in Simplified Chinese, “Canton,” is a province well-known for its long tradition of watchmaking. In fact, it is home to many other Chinese brands such as Guanqin, Pagani, Parnis, and Lige, among others.

Skmei Watches

But getting back to the history of Skmei watches, it is indeed one of the Chinese watch factories with the highest production volume.

Guangzhou SKMEI Watch Co., Ltd. has 5 production lines spread over an area of 6,000 square meters and a workforce that can reach up to 100 people. With this capacity, they can produce up to 300,000 pieces per month of their main digital sports watches.

This is how Skmei watches have quickly evolved from simple imitations of Casio to having a wide range of their own designs and models, including LCD, LED, analog (quartz and automatic), and even smartwatches.

Currently, they also manufacture watches for many other well-known Chinese brands, so it is not surprising that the brand is already registered in more than 60 countries and is sold in major markets worldwide.

ÔťÜ Are Skmei Watches Good?

Skmei watches are not widely known, but they offer increasingly sophisticated designs at very affordable prices. Obviously, you won’t get a collector’s piece, but you will get a fully functional watch.

Just look at the positive reviews from buyers on platforms like Aliexpress to realize that these watches deliver on their promises despite their low cost.

Skmei Watch

For just a few euros, you can get a Skmei watch with:

  • Mineral or acrylic crystal
  • A digital quartz movement manufactured in China (some may even be Japanese)
  • A case made of zinc alloy or steel, depending on the model, or ABS for plastic designs
  • A strap that can be made of leather, steel, or rubber, depending on the model
  • Water resistance ranging from 30 to 50 meters
  • Alarm and chronograph functions in the simpler models, and even smart functions with Bluetooth in the more advanced models

The components used in Skmei watches are the same as those found in more expensive Chinese watches and may even come from the same factory. Therefore, there should not be a substantial difference in terms of quality.

ÔťÜ The Best Skmei Watches of 2024

We can classify Skmei watches into different groups based on their appearance and functions, each with very distinctive designs. Below, we will show you these groups and their best watches:

Ôץ Classic LCD Watches

In its early years, Skmei was mainly known for copying some of Casio’s most successful designs and selling them at a lower cost.

A good example of this is their designs that resemble the popular gold Casio watches inspired by the F-91W and other models from the past of the brand.

Skmei Classic Watch

Ôץ Military and Tactical Watches

Another major success of Skmei watches, directly inspired by Casio designs, is the military and tactical watches, also known as S-Shock due to their resemblance to the iconic G-Shock watches from the Japanese brand.

These are also multifunctional sports watches with a chronograph, alarm, and LED light. However, their water resistance is usually around 50 meters, not 200 meters like a G-Shock, but their price is significantly lower as well.

Skmei Military Watch

Ôץ Smart Sports Watches

As we mentioned earlier, Skmei is one of the most prolific Chinese brands when it comes to watch types, and their current designs are no longer simple copies of the competition.

This is the case with their new sports watches, many of which have large LED screens and fitness tracking functions. Some models, like the ones shown above, even incorporate smart functions and Bluetooth.

Skmei Smart Watch

Ôץ Analog Watches

The company also manufactures analog watches, both sports and dress watches that follow current fashion trends.

These are mainly watches with quartz movements, and some of them are equipped with fully functional chronographs.

Skmei Analog Watche

Ôץ Skmei Solar Watches

They also produce solar watches with a distinct sporty style. These designs generally combine an LED or LCD screen with the hands of an analog watch.

This means that thanks to the digital display, they are also multifunctional watches, and the additional hands allow for two time zones.

Skmei Solar Watch

Ôץ Skmei Watches for Kids

Another category where the brand excels is watches for children, with their models in the shape of robots being particularly well-known.

These are especially affordable designs that are nothing more than toys, although they do have quartz movements and tell the time.

Skmei Watches for Kids

Ôץ Skmei Watches for Women

Finally, in terms of women’s watches, the brand offers numerous models, including both digital sports watches and elegant analog watches.

These watches have reduced dimensions to perfectly fit the female wrist diameter but have the same functions and features as men’s watches.

Skmei Watches for Women

ÔťÜ Prices and Reviews

In general, this watch brand receives good reviews, although it is also true that some buyers complain about minor issues. However, we can’t expect perfection from such inexpensive watches.
These watches are fully functional and fulfill their purpose, even in sports settings, all at a very competitive price.

ÔťÜ Best Sellers

If you want to see more models, here is the overall sales ranking where you can find the best-selling designs in recent months:

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