Winner Watches: History, Origin, and Reviews

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Winner watches stand out primarily for their low cost compared to other Chinese brands, but also for specializing almost exclusively in mechanical designs.

The manufacturer of Chinese watches is the same company that produces brands like Forsining or Jaragar, so it is also very common to find many skeleton-type designs among Winner watches.

Many of the Winner watches are based on designs from other well-known brands, but they only cost a fraction of the price.

Obviously, we cannot expect the same quality, and they may not withstand the test of time as well as the originals, but considering their price, they are worth it for occasional use.

In this article, we will unveil the origin of the brand, as well as its most well-known designs and the opinions they usually gather.

Automatic Winner Watch
MovementAutomatic mechanical
Case Diameter45 mm
Case Thickness12 mm
Water Resistance30 meters
Other FeaturesTransparent case back

ÔťÜ Winner Watches: Origin and History

Although there is not much information available about the origin of Winner watches, it is known that they belong to the same Chinese watch conglomerate as Forsining and Jaragar.
one of the Winner watches

In fact, they often share designs and movements, and some watches are identical except for the brand logo, which is the only thing that changes.

The business group is known as Ruixue Watch Company Limited and is headquartered in Guangdong, a region located in southern China where the watches are also manufactured.

Guangdong can be considered one of the major watch manufacturing hubs in China, as many other Chinese brands such as Megir, Benyar, or even Parnis are concentrated here, to name a few.

ÔťÜ Are Winner watches good?

Like many other Chinese brands, Winner watches offer quality that is well-suited to the price range in which they operate.

This means that less expensive materials are often used in parts of the watch where budget can be cut without affecting its functionality.

A good example is the strap, which is generally made of polyurethane to imitate leather, a material with limited durability, although it is easily replaceable.

Winner watches with stainless steel bracelets are also available, which usually reflects in the price, although these cheap watches with stainless steel bracelets cost only a few euros.

Winner watch

Another point to consider is the watch case, which is generally made of a more economical metal alloy than stainless steel.

Cases made with alloy are lighter and resemble steel, but they may not withstand the test of time as well.

As for the mechanical movement of these watches, they have the classic low-cost Chinese automatic mechanism, which, nevertheless, serves its purpose and, except for exceptions (defective or poorly adjusted pieces), keeps time with acceptable precision.

However, the power reserve of these low-cost mechanisms is usually very limited, so it is necessary to constantly wear them on the wrist to prevent them from stopping.

In conclusion, these watches are eye-catching and can perform well for a specific moment, but do not expect them to last for many years.

ÔťÜ The Best Winner Watches

The best Winner watches can be classified into three main groups depending on their design. Most of them are automatic and fall within the affordable price range.

Ôץ Classic Designs

Generally, these are dress watches with simple automatic movements that include the date as the only complication.

Most of them usually have a transparent case back, allowing the mechanism to be seen in operation from the back.

Winner - Reloj mecánico automático de Piel para Hombre, diseño Romano, Color marrón
  • Reloj de pulsera de alta calidad para hombres y mujeres.
  • Movimiento: reloj de pulsera autom├ítico.
  • Este reloj de pulsera es moderno, muy encantador para todas las ocasiones como la vida diaria, compras, regalo, etc.
  • Material de la correa: piel.
  • El reloj de pulsera es un buen regalo para tus hijos y familiares y amigos que te gustan en algunos festivales, como cumplea├▒os, regalo de boda o...
Relojes para hombre, reloj mecánico, esfera blanca, correa azul de las manos de la PU de...
  • Los productos internacionales tienen t├ęrminos separados, se venden desde el extranjero y pueden diferir de los productos locales, incluyendo ajuste,...
  • Un reloj mec├ínico autom├ítico con hermosas manecillas azules y ventana hardlex abovedada. Cuando las manos azules atrapan la luz, son impresionantes
  • Elegante esfera texturizada, n├║meros impresos n├ştidos, carcasa transparente de exposici├│n, puedes ver el movimiento mec├ínico dentro del reloj
  • Pr├íctica lectura de la funci├│n de visualizaci├│n de fecha en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar, correa de cuero rojo marr├│n suave, adecuada...
  • Reloj mec├ínico de cuerda autom├ítica, se enrolla autom├íticamente mientras tu mu├▒eca se mueve. Resistente al agua diaria y no para nadar ni ducharse

Ôץ Skeleton Watches

Most of the brand’s watches are skeleton-type watches, which means that the internal mechanism can be seen from both sides of the watch.

They are very eye-catching watches, although they usually do not include any additional complications apart from the time.

It is also worth noting that having all the gears visible can limit the visibility of the hands in some designs.

GuTe Reloj de pulsera mecánico automático, dial con diseño de X y mecanismo visible,...
  • Un reloj mec├ínico autom├ítico con hermosas manecillas azules y ventana abovedada Hardlex. Cuando las manos azules atrapan la luz, son impresionantes.
  • Caja y pulsera de acero inoxidable s├│lido, color dorado brillante que se ve brillante. Equipado con botones dobles plegables con correa de acero de...
  • Funci├│n de lectura c├│moda de visualizaci├│n de fecha en cualquier momento y en cualquier lugar, adecuado para negocios as├ş como ocasiones...
  • Reloj mec├ínico de cuerda autom├ítica, se enrolla autom├íticamente mientras tu mu├▒eca se mueve. Resistente al agua diaria y no apto para nadar ni...
  • Elegante reloj mec├ínico, se adapta bien y se ve fant├ístico, elegante regalo de vacaciones seguro que ser├í dado algunos cumplidos por colegas de...
Reloj - SEWOR - Para - WIN614
  • ÔÖą [Dise├▒os de lujo cl├ísicos]: el lujoso dise├▒o de diamantes, el dial de esqueleto cl├ísico, el dial de n├║mero romano, le brindan una belleza...
  • ÔÖą [Mec├ínico]: sin bater├şa, cuerda manual. El devanado manual correcto es esencial, lo que puede reducir efectivamente las diferencias de tiempo.
  • ÔÖą [Correa de acero inoxidable duradera]: la correa de acero inoxidable completa es perfecta para el uso diario. Cada reloj viene con una herramienta...
  • ÔÖą [Regalos exquisitos]: aspecto lujoso y excelente empaque, adecuado para todos los estilos, el mejor regalo para vacaciones, acci├│n de gracias,...
  • ÔÖą [Servicio postventa]: si tiene alguna pregunta sobre el producto, no dude en ponerse en contacto con el vendedor, le daremos una soluci├│n...

Ôץ Diver-style Watches

Winner also manufactures watches with a diving aesthetic, designs that often resemble those of other major brands like Rolex and their Submariner model, with clear similarities.

Obviously, we cannot expect the same performance from these watches as from diving watches that cost several hundred euros, but aesthetically, they are very similar and use automatic mechanisms.

Winner - Reloj mecánico automático para hombre, marca de lujo, de acero completo,...
  • -
  • Reloj redondo con bisel unidireccional ondulado, manecillas luminosas y ventana de fecha magnificada a las tres en punto.
  • Cierre plegable y seguro, f├ícil de manejar y dif├şcil de que caiga accidentalmente.
  • Mecanismo autom├ítico japon├ęs con pantalla anal├│gica. Tipo de cristal: mineral.
  • Moderno, ideal para todas las ocasiones. Reloj de aspecto incre├şble, un gran regalo para familiares y amigos.

ÔťÜ Reviews about the Brand

Most of the criticisms received by this brand refer to the low quality of the polyurethane straps that come with some of their watches, although this is easily fixable by changing the strap or purchasing a model with a steel bracelet.

Mention is also often made of a low power reserve, which, unless defective, does not affect the watch’s performance as long as it is worn on the wrist and kept in motion.

These watches incorporate very affordable automatic mechanisms that store energy for only a few hours, so if they are not worn, the watch will stop in a short time.

Chinese watches at this price level usually have limited quality control and may be defective, so it is important to consider this when purchasing from a store that provides warranty and a good return policy.

ÔťÜ Bestsellers

The brand is quite prolific in terms of designs and often introduces new models, so we may not always find the same ones available for sale. Here are the best-selling ones in recent months:

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