Sekonda Watches: History, Origin, and Reviews

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Today we will talk about Sekonda watches, a brand with a long history in the watchmaking world that enjoys a great reputation in the English market.

The brand of English watches is known mainly for its low-cost designs, highly appreciated for offering an acceptable level of quality at a very competitive price, but also for its long trajectory, which dates back to 1966.

In this article, we will reveal all the available information about Sekonda watches, from their origin and history to the best designs of the brand, taking into account the characteristics of each model and the opinions of other users.

Sekonda Chronograph Watch

Case Diameter44 mm
Case Thickness11 mm
MaterialsStainless Steel Case and Strap
Water Resistance50 meters

ÔťÜ Sekonda Watches: Origin and History

The history of Sekonda watches begins in 1966 when the brand was established in England with the purpose of importing watches originally manufactured in the Soviet Union.

classic Sekonda watch

Initially, the brand started manufacturing its watches in Moscow but soon expanded its factories to Leningrad, reaching sales of over 1 million watches per year by 1978.

During this time, many of their models sold in the West were also rebranded as Raketa and Poljot, known as Russian watches.

In 1988, Sekonda watches became the best-selling watches in the United Kingdom, thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign based on the quality of their designs and affordable prices.

Subsequently, with the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the brand no longer had ties to Russia, and in 1993 they moved the production of their watches to Hong Kong.

This resulted in a reduction in production costs for the company, which they passed on to the final price of their products, while still maintaining the same commitment to quality.

It also allowed them to launch several fashion watch brands such as Seksy, targeting the female market, ONE focused more on men, and Xpose for rugged watches designed for outdoor life.

Currently, Sekonda remains one of the best-selling brands in the English market, where their low-cost watches are highly valued.

ÔťÜ Are Sekonda Watches Good?

The fact that Sekonda watches are currently manufactured in Asia does not necessarily translate into lower quality compared to when they were manufactured in Russia. In fact, many major watch brands (and other industries) manufacture their products there.

Sekonda watches with chronograph

Prominent brands like Orient, Citizen, and Seiko have a significant portion of theirproduction in Asian countries like Malaysia and still offer the same level of performance.

While not all Asian manufacturers adhere to the same quality standards, nor are all the components they use in their watches equally good, there are different quality levels that can vary depending on the price.

Sekonda is known for offering good materials for the price range they operate in. It is not uncommon to find stainless steel cases, leather straps, and hardened mineral crystals in their watches, which are often very affordable.

Additionally, most of their watches, including the more affordable ones, are prepared to withstand water up to 50 meters, something that many brands in this price range do not offer.

There are even Sekonda watches with Japanese Citizen-Miyota movements, known for their reliability, although this may not be the case for the brand’s less expensive models.

In conclusion, Sekonda watches are unpretentious but durable and affordable, making them ideal for daily use. If the brand continues to dominate the English market for affordable watches alongside Rotary and Accurist, it’s for a reason.

ÔťÜ The Best Sekonda Watches

The brand has been manufacturing watches for many years and has a wide range of collections, although we can divide their designs into several groups based on their features and functions. Let’s discuss these groups and the best Sekonda watches in each category.

Ôץ Classic Watches

The brand mainly manufactures analog quartz watches, many of which have a classic style like their World War II aviator or flieger-inspired models.

They also produce dress watches with a more elegant and minimalist design, featuring leather or stainless steel straps, all of which include a date window and water resistance typically around 50 meters.

Ôץ Sekonda Women’s Watches

Another strong point of Sekonda is their women’s watches. The brand offers designs for every taste, some of which even feature Swarovski crystals.

It is important to note that most of the women’s watches from the brand are manufactured under the Seksy brand, although there are also some under the main Sekonda brand.

Ôץ Diver Watches

Dive watches also have a place among the brand’s designs, including classic diver watches inspired by the legendary Rolex Submariner at a fraction of the price.

However, like all low-cost dive watches, their water resistance cannot be compared to those of top brands. It’s better not to submerge them too deeply with a water resistance of 50 meters.

Ôץ Sekonda Chronographs

For just a few extra euros, it is also possible to get chronograph watches from this brand, which not only look more stylish but also offer the added functionality of timekeeping. Some of them even include a tachymeter scale, making them usable as a tachymeter.

Ôץ Digital Watches

The brand also offers affordable digital watches that tend to have a higher level of quality than average. Some have even been compared to basic Casio models.

And it’s not surprising, as most of them offer the same features that we could find in the Japanese brand, such as a stopwatch, alarm, timer, backlit display, etc. Furthermore, the majority of them are water-resistant up to 100 meters.

ÔťÜ Reviews

Sekonda watches are generally well-regarded, although they also receive some criticism, especially regarding the more affordable models, where the materials used may be of lower quality.

The most common complaint refers to the use of alloys instead of stainless steel in the case of some models. Metal alloys, primarily copper and zinc, are less expensive than steel and can wear more easily.

While their different collections may not meet the standards of watch collectors, the average user can find value in this brand, especially considering the price.

All in all, we’re looking at a reasonably good brand within its price range. Their watches are usually well-built and have designs attractive enough to capture attention.

ÔťÜ Best Sellers

With the number of watches this brand has manufactured over the years, it can be difficult to choose a model that suits your needs. However, you can always rely on the designs that sell the most.

Therefore, below is an updated list of the watches that have sold the most in recent months in Spain:

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