Seiko SNK809: price, features, and specifications

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The Seiko SNK809 is one of the most popular automatic watches from the brand, mainly due to its price, but also its simple and utilitarian design.

It belongs to Seiko’s 5 series, known for its recognizable military-inspired design, which is simple yet functional.

Seiko 5 watches are part of the brand’s entry-level range and are known for being affordable and durable, which explains their success.

Additionally, like other military watches, the Seiko SNK809 has certain features that make it suitable for everyday wear. In this article, we will explore its characteristics.

Seiko SNK809
  • Seiko - SNK809
  • Reloj de Pulsera con Correa de Nailon para Hombre - Hombre
  • Peso: 200
  • Forma de la esfera: Redondo
  • Color esfera: Negro

ÔťÜ Seiko SNK809 – Technical Specifications

Crystal TypeHardlex Crystal
Case MaterialStainless Steel
Strap MaterialNATO Strap
Diameter37 mm
Thickness11 mm
Strap Width18 mm
Weight60 grams
MechanismAutomatic Movement
CaliberSeiko 7S26
Caliber Features21 jewels with 21,600 bph and 40-hour power reserve
Accuracy-+15 seconds per day
Water Resistance30 m / 3 ATM

ÔťÜ A Brief History of Seiko 5

The first Seiko 5 was introduced to the market in 1963. The idea was to create an affordable automatic watch that offered all the necessary functions and features for intensive use.

Seiko SNK809

In fact, the name “Seiko 5” is inspired by the five key innovations introduced with this series:

  1. Automatic movement with Diashock shock protection (equivalent to the Swiss Incabloc system of that time).
  2. Date and day complication within the same window (uncommon at that time).
  3. Crown positioned at 4 o’clock for enhanced comfort.
  4. Diaflex mainspring, an unbreakable Seiko alloy.
  5. Water resistance in all models.

This design has proven successful, as even after more than 55 years and millions of units sold, new Seiko 5 watches continue to be released, such as the Seiko SNK809.

ÔťÜ Design and Features of the Seiko SNK809

The Seiko SNK809 is a military aviator-type watch characterized by high legibility dials with large and easily visible markers, even in low-light conditions.

It is also a lightweight and comfortable watch, designed not to hinder the movements of soldiers, and preferably automatic to keep functioning indefinitely.

Therefore, the SNK809 prioritizes functionality over form. It may not be a highly designed watch, but it is arguably the most suitable for everyday wear, especially in work settings.

Ôץ Case and Crown

The case of the Seiko SNK809 is made of stainless steel with a matte gray finish, fitting the military-inspired design. It has a diameter of 37 mm and a thickness of 11 mm, making it a small-sized watch.
Seiko SNK809 case

For larger wrists or those who prefer a larger-sized watch, it would be more suitable to opt for a 40 mm watch or larger.

The case back is transparent, allowing the mechanism to be visible in operation. While it may not be as flashy and elegant as the caliber of a Swiss watch, it is worth seeing, especially considering the price.

As for the crown, the SNK809 features a crown positioned at 4 o’clock, which is common in Seiko watches, especially their diving watches.

Although it may not have a symmetrical design, having the crown in that position enhances comfort, as crowns traditionally located at 3 o’clock can hinder wrist movement.

Finally, this case provides water resistance of about 30 meters, making it resistant to splashes but not suitable for swimming, for example.

While there are currently variants like the SNZG09K1, which can be submerged up to 100 meters and has a very similar appearance:

Seiko 5 SNZG09K1
  • Anal├│gico en Tejido para Hombre
  • Autom├ítico
  • Casual
  • Verde y Verde
  • WR 100mt

Ôץ The Dial

The dial features high contrast with white markers of a good size on a dark background. The design is unique, with markings for the 60 minutes on the outer side and the 12-hour numerals on the inner side of the dial.

This allows for more precise reading of the time with the corresponding minutes, but it may be confusing for those accustomed to the classic 12-hour format.

The dial also includes the day of the week and date in a window located above the 3 o’clock marker.

Regarding the crystal, despite being an affordable watch, Seiko has opted to use hardlex, a type of hardened mineral crystal that is more resistant to scratches than the classic mineral crystal.

Seiko SNK809 dial

Ôץ The Strap

The Seiko SNK809 usually comes with a NATO or nato-type fabric strap. It has a width of approximately 18 mm and is made of nylon, making it quite durable.

Lastly, it should be noted that there are several versions of this watch with the dial and strap in different colors. These are the Seiko SNK805 model (in green) and the Seiko SNK807 model (in blue).

ÔťÜ Mechanism and Operation

The SNK809 is powered by the Seiko 7S26 caliber, a robust automatic movement used in some of the brand’s most well-known divers, such as the SKX009.

It is a 21-jewel mechanism with a frequency of 21,600 beats per hour (bph), capable of providing a power reserve of up to 40 hours.

The 21,600 bph translates to 6 beats per second, resulting in a smoother sweeping motion of the seconds hand compared to any quartz watch.

It is also a low-maintenance movement that can endure years without needing adjustment.

In terms of accuracy, the 7S26 operates at around +-15 seconds per day, which is more than acceptable for an affordable automatic watch.

The only drawback of this movement is that it does not have a hacking function or manual winding.

This does not affect its operation, but it means that we cannot stop the seconds hand to adjust the time more precisely or manually wind the mechanism without wearing the watch to charge it through movement.

ÔťÜ Conclusion

We have a watch that provides excellent value for its cost. There are few automatic watches that can be obtained for such a low price, especially when it comes to Seiko, which guarantees durability and functionality.

However, it is important to consider that it is a watch with smaller dimensions that may not fit your style or wrist size.

It also does not offer significant water resistance, although Seiko typically manufactures their products to high standards. The 30-meter water resistance may fall short in certain situations, such as swimming.

The good news is that the brand offers numerous similar alternatives in style but with larger sizes and even water resistance up to 100 meters.

Here are some of them:

Seiko Reloj Anal├│gico Autom├ítico para Hombre con Correa de Tela ÔÇô SNZG09K1
  • Anal├│gico en Tejido para Hombre
  • Autom├ítico
  • Casual
  • Verde y Verde
  • WR 100mt
¡OFER! -10%
Seiko Reloj Anal├│gico Autom├ítico para Hombre con Correa de Acero Inoxidable ÔÇô SNZG13K1
  • Anal├│gico en Acero inoxidable para Hombre
  • Autom├ítico
  • Cl├ósico
  • Negro y Met├ílico
  • WR 100mt
Seiko 5 Sports flieger Reloj automático con Correa milanesa con Esfera Negra SRPH23K1
  • Seiko 5 Sports Flieger SRPH23K1 - Correa milanesa autom├ítica con esfera negra
  • Tipo de producto: reloj
  • Color: negro

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