Miyota 8215: Specifications and Comparison

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The Miyota 8215 is an automatic mechanical movement of Japanese origin manufactured by Citizen, which, despite its low cost, is among the most reliable and renowned movements.

We are talking about an entry-level caliber from Miyota, which is frequently used by microbrand watch companies like Invicta, Stuhrling, or Festina, precisely because it is economical and easy to obtain.

In this article, we analyze in detail each of its features, taking into account its operating specifications and comparing it with other similar movements.

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ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 Technical Specifications

ManufacturerMiyota (Citizen)
Vibration Frequency21,600 vph
Power Reserve42 hours
Dimensions26mm x 5.67mm (Diameter x Depth)
Precision-20 ´Ż× +40 seconds per day
FunctionsHour, minutes, and seconds on central hands and calendar
Hacking (Stop Seconds)No
Manual WindingYes

ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 in Detail

The Miyota 8215 is an automatic caliber with a unidirectional rotor and the possibility of manual winding, but it does not have hacking or stop seconds function.

This means that you can wind it both by the movement of the wrist and by turning the crown of the watch, but it does not allow stopping the second hand for a more precise time adjustment.

The unidirectional feature implies that the mechanism can only be wound when the rotor rotates in a specific direction, although this does not necessarily affect the energy recovery capacity of the watch.

To withstand shocks and falls, the Miyota 8215 incorporates Parashock, an anti-shock system patented by Citizen, similar to Seiko’s Diashock or Incabloc in Swiss calibers.

miyota 8215

Ôץ Precision

According to the data provided by the manufacturer, the Miyota 8215 operates within a range of -20 ´Ż× +40 seconds per day, a value that may seem high but does not necessarily reflect reality.

The precision ranges specified by manufacturers are more for categorizing the movement, and in practice, it is usually more accurate.

In reality, achieving good precision depends on how well the movement is adjusted when placing it inside the watch.

Therefore, some users of this movement report precisions of less than +-10 seconds per day, while others may only achieve -+20 seconds per day.

In any case, it is a good movement, and a watchmaker can easily adjust it.

Ôץ Power Reserve

The power reserve of the 8215 can last up to 42 hours when the mechanism is fully wound, which can be achieved through wrist movement or manual winding.

If you opt for the second option, the mechanism can be fully wound with about 40 turns of the crown in the clockwise direction.

Ôץ Brands That Use It

As it is a reliable and easily obtainable movement, many brands use it in their mid-range and reasonably priced watches. Some of these brands include:

  • Festina
  • Vostok
  • Invicta
  • Jacques Lemans
  • AVI-8
  • Citizen
  • Gigandet
  • Pagani Design
  • Stuhrling

And here are some examples of mechanical watches that use the mentioned Miyota caliber:

Ôץ The Mystery of the Wobbling Seconds Hand

The 8215 is one of the mechanical movements that use an indirect driving system for the second hand.

This means that in some watches, you may notice that the second hand does not move as smoothly as it should in a mechanical watch, but rather, it makes slight jumps at times.

The thing is, this is not a defect but rather a peculiarity in the design of movements that use this indirect system.

In these mechanisms, the second hand wheel is not part of the gear train but rather engages independently with its own gear, and if it is not perfectly aligned, it can produce this effect.

Fortunately, this does not affect the functioning or accuracy of the watch, although it may not be to the liking of meticulous and observant collectors.

ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 vs Miyota 8205

The only difference between these two movements lies in the calendar. The Miyota 8205 can display both the day of the week and the date, while the 8215 only shows the date.

Below are the differences in the calendar; the first watch uses the 8215, and the second one uses the 8205:

ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 vs Seiko NH35A

Seiko NH35A Caliber

The most notable difference with the Seiko NH35 is that the 8215 does not have a hacking or stop seconds function, although this only affects the time-setting moment.

Other than that, both movements have similar specifications in terms of power reserve, precision, and operate at the same vibrations per hour.

ModelMiyota 8215Seiko NH35
Vibration Frequency21,600 vph21,600 vph
Power Reserve42 hours+41 hours
Dimensions26 x 5.67 mm27.40 x 5.32 mm
Precision-20 ´Ż× +40 sec/day-20 ´Ż× +40 sec/day
Hacking (Stop Seconds)NoYes
Manual WindingYesYes

ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 vs 9015

The Miyota 9015, on the other hand, is a movement of the same brand that is clearly superior in both precision and operation.

On one hand, with -10 ´Ż× +30 sec/day, it is much more accurate than the 8215, and on the other hand, it incorporates hacking, making it more functional.

Additionally, the vibration frequency in the 9015 is much higher, meaning the second hand moves faster and more smoothly.

It is also worth noting that it is much thinner, only 3.90 mm compared to the 5.67 mm of the 8215, which can significantly impact the final thickness of the watch.

Vibration Frequency21,600 vph28,800 vph
Power Reserve42 hours42 hours
Dimensions26 x 5.67 mm26 x 3.90 mm
Precision-20 ´Ż× +40 sec/day-10 ´Ż× +30 sec/day
Hacking (Stop Seconds)NoYes
Manual WindingYesYes

ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 vs ETA 2824-2

ETA 2824-2 Caliber

The ETA 2824-2 is a Swiss movement that is superior in all aspects, both in precision and operation, with a higher vibration frequency and smaller size.

However, it’s important to note that we are comparing movements from different leagues, as the ETA 2824-2 is much more expensive and is typically used in high-end watches.

Model8215ETA 2824-2
Vibration Frequency21,600 vph28,800 vph
Power Reserve42 hours38 hours
Dimensions26 x 5.67 mm25.6 x 4.6 mm
Precision-20 ´Ż× +40 sec/day-4 ´Ż× +30 sec/day
Hacking (Stop Seconds)NoYes
Manual WindingYesYes

ÔťÜ Miyota 8215 vs Seiko 7S26

Seiko 7S36 Caliber

The most significant difference with the Seiko 7S26 is that it does not have a manual winding function, so you always have to wear it for it to work (or use a rotating box).

Other than that, the features are practically the same, including precision, although the 7S26 is an older caliber that has been discontinued in favor of the more modern Seiko 4R36.

ModelMiyota 8215Seiko 7S26
Vibration Frequency21,600 vph21,600 vph
Power Reserve42 hours41 hours
Dimensions26 x 5.67 mm27.4 x 4.8 mm
Precision-20 ´Ż× +40 sec/day-25 ´Ż× +35 sec/day
Hacking (Stop Seconds)NoNo
Manual WindingYesNo

ÔťÜ Time and Date Adjustment

  • Time: pull the crown out (1 click) and turn it to set the hands to the desired position.
  • Date: pull the crown out twice (2 clicks) and turn it to reach the desired date.
  • Manual Winding: turn the crown without pulling it out. Approximately 40 turns are needed for full winding of the mechanism. If it offers too much resistance, do not force it.

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  1. The article is one of utmost neutrality and objectivity: no influencer-*h*t, so to speak.
    I myself have 2 Miyota’s and both 8215’s; the first non-hacking, the latter hacking.
    Both run about +/- +2-4 seconds per day – hand-adjusted by myself – a very good result.

    Ronaldo dos Santos-Aveiro

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