Sellita SW200, the Swiss caliber that competes with ETA 2824

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Today we will talk about the Sellita SW200 movement, a Swiss caliber that is already used by many major Swiss watch brands due to being more affordable than the popular ETA and easier to obtain.

Specifically, it is the equivalent of an ETA 2824, with which it shares practically the same specifications and characteristics.

It is a robust and accurate movement that can be fitted in all types of watches, whether they are sports or dress watches, thanks to its numerous versions and the complications that can be added to it.

Currently, it has been replaced by the SW200-1, an improved version that includes some modifications to minimize wear on the mechanism.

In this article, we will reveal all the operational characteristics of the Sellita SW200, as well as some of the main watches that currently use it.

Victorinox Watch 241710
  • Calendar_type : Fecha
  • Item_shape : Redondo
  • Watch_movement_type : Autom├ítico

ÔťÜ Sellita SW200. Technical specifications

Year of manufacture2007
Vibration frequency28,800 vph
Power reserve38 hours
Dimensions25.6 mm x 4.6 mm (Diameter x Depth)
Precision+/- 12 seconds per day
FunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, and calendar
Stop secondsYes
Manual windingYes

ÔťÜ A bit of history about Sellita

Sellita started as a subcontractor for ETA, assembling their famous movements. Their factory received most of the components for these calibers, assembled them, and returned them to ETA to be sold to various watch brands under the ETA brand.

The problem for Sellita arose when ETA decided to stop outsourcing the assembly of their mechanisms. This basically left them without work, and they had no choice but to start manufacturing their own movements and selling them directly to watch brands.

Mondaine SBB Evo 2 Automatic with Sellita SW220-1
  • Reloj de pulsera para mujer con correa de piel aut├ęntica negra y hebilla de hebij├│n de la colecci├│n autom├ítica evo2
  • El reloj tiene una esfera blanca, manecillas negras, segundero rojo, ├şndice de barras negro, indicador de fecha y logotipo Mondaine
  • La caja est├í hecha de acero inoxidable plateado y tiene un di├ímetro de 35 mm
  • El reloj tiene 3 bares y, por lo tanto, resiste salpicaduras de agua
  • Todos los relojes Mondaine est├ín hechos en Suiza

Fortunately for them, after years of manufacturing for ETA, they were already familiar with the designs and could replicate them. They also had good relationships with many of the parts suppliers, giving them a significant advantage over other caliber manufacturers.

The only potential barrier they could face was copyright issues, but since many of ETA’s designs were outdated, the copyrights had already expired, so they had no legal problems using them as they pleased.

Sellita SW200 caliber
Caliber Sellita SW200

In addition, in 2010 ETA stopped providing movements to watch manufacturers outside the Swatch Group, which caused a shortage of supplies and forced them to look for alternatives.

This is how Sellita was born and became the only real option to obtain movements with identical characteristics to ETA, which also explains why many Swiss brands now use Sellita instead of ETA.

ÔťÜ Sellita SW200 vs ETA 2824: Which is better?

As a picture is worth a thousand words, you can see the two movements in their standard version, that is, without any premium decoration prior to assembly:
sellita sw200 vs eta 2824
Comparisons are odious, but in this case, there is little to compare; they are practically identical, proving that Sellita faithfully follows ETA’s designs.

As for the operational characteristics of each, we can see the differences in the following table.

Sellita SW200ETA 2824
Vibration frequency28,800 vph28,800 vph
Power reserve38 hours38 hours
Dimensions25.6 mm x 4.6 mm (Diameter x Depth)25.6 mm x 4.6 mm (Diameter x Depth)
Precision+/- 12 seconds per day+/- 12 seconds per day
FunctionsHours, minutes, seconds, and calendarHours, minutes, seconds, and calendar
Stop secondsYesYes
Manual windingYesYes

Indeed, the only difference is that the Sellita SW200 has one more jewel, which does not affect the functioning at all since both have 28,000 vph, 38 hours of power reserve, and the same precision. They are even identical in dimensions.

It should be noted that the comparison has been made with the standard versions of each movement, whose estimated precision by the manufacturer is +/- 12 seconds per day.

There are special and premium versions of these movements that achieve +/- 7 and +/- 4 seconds per day according to the manufacturers, although according to fortunate owners of watches with these mechanisms, they can be even more precise.

ÔťÜ Sellita SW200-1 vs SW200: What are the differences?

In 2008, Sellita made some modifications to the SW200 in order to improve it and continue its evolution. The new version was named SW200-1.

The changes aimed to reduce wear on the automatic mechanism by modifying the profile of the gear teeth.

According to studies by the Swiss manufacturer, theteeth in some gears of the Sellita SW200 had a shape that made them more prone to damage if the watch experienced a strong impact, so they made changes to their geometry.

A total of four parts have been replaced in the Sellita SW200-1: the reduction wheel, the ratchet wheel, the axle, and the ratchet wheel driving wheel. Apart from these parts, both mechanisms are the same, and parts can be interchanged between them.

All the information about the SW200-1 is available on the official website of the brand, including the blueprints and all the operational and precision data:

ÔťÜ Conclusion

In conclusion, the SW200 is a Swiss caliber that has little to envy to the ETA 2824, and in fact, it is practically the same mechanism, with the exception of the additional jewel, which is insignificant in terms of functioning.

The precision specifications are the same for both movements, and both can meet the COSC chronometer testing standards, making them suitable for mid- to high-range watches.

Of course, like all brands, Sellita also has its detractors, people who prefer the traditional and are concerned about obtaining an original ETA movement at all costs.

But the truth is that an increasing number of luxury watch manufacturers are opting for Sellita, companies obsessed with quality that would never make a decision that could tarnish their brand’s name, so we can be sure that the SW200 is a good choice.

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