7 Watches with Mobile Phone and SIM Card

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Currently, there are a large number of watches with mobile phone capabilities and other smart functions, but not all of them can be considered authentic phones.

In reality, most watches with mobile phone features can only reproduce calls and notifications that come from the paired smartphone.

This means that we always have to carry the phone with us to receive calls on the watch, which is quite inconvenient, especially during sports or any activity that requires minimal weight.

Fortunately, some watches with mobile phone capabilities can use a SIM card, allowing them to connect to the Internet and make or receive calls without the need for the mobile phone nearby.

However, this raises some additional issues, such as the possibility of using the same phone number on both the watch and the phone, which not all carriers allow.

In this post, we will showcase the best watches with mobile phone and SIM card capabilities, along with the factors you should consider before purchasing one.

‚úö Best Watches with Mobile Phone and SIM Card

Most well-known brands offer one or several models of watches with mobile phone and SIM card capabilities. Here are some of the most notable ones:

‚ě§ Apple Watch

Apple mobile phone watches

Since its third version, the Apple Watch includes GPS + Cellular models, meaning they have LTE connectivity when used with a valid SIM card.

All Apple Watch GPS + Cellular models allow you to make and receive calls, respond to messages, or even listen to music via streaming without the need for your phone nearby.

Unfortunately, this option is only available to Apple users, as most of its functions require it to be paired with an iPhone.

‚ě§ Samsung Galaxy Watch LTE

Samsung Galaxy Watch with mobile phone

Samsung’s proposal is an elegant and functional smartwatch that can be used for both formal occasions and intense sports activities.

With a round face and premium materials, the Galaxy Watch appears more like a traditional watch, but it hides a plethora of intelligent functions.

The LTE version also supports the use of an eSIM, allowing you to make phone calls or receive any type of notification without the need for the mobile phone nearby.

eSIMs are virtual SIM cards stored in the device’s memory, eliminating the need for a physical card, so the Galaxy Watch doesn’t have (nor need) a slot for inserting a SIM card.

‚ě§ Huawei Watch 2 4G

Huawei Watch 2 mobile phone watch

Huawei is also at the forefront of watches with mobile phone capabilities, as shown by the Huawei Watch 2 4G, a watch that, despite being on the market for a few years, remains up-to-date in terms of connectivity.

The 4G model not only includes LTE connectivity with a SIM card but also features Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, and even an NFC chip for making payments with the watch, among many other sensors.

It may not be the most modern watch, but it is still an elegant and well-built timepiece that can be used for both sports and making or receiving calls without the need for a phone.

Huawei Watch 2 - Smartwatch Android (Bluetooth, WiFi, 4G) Color Naranja (Dynamic)
  • Con una conexi√≥n 4G LTE y GPS integrado
  • El GPS se puede conectar a la tecnolog√≠a GLONASS
  • Dispone de Wi-Fi y Bluetooth 4.1
  • Sensor de luz ambiental y sensor de frecuencia card√≠aca
  • Es compatible con Android

‚ě§ Xiaomi Nexo Phone Watch

Xiaomi Nexo
Xiaomi offers various models of smartwatches with mobile phone capabilities, such as the Nexo, an affordable watch that also incorporates eSIM technology.

The Nexo is a sports watch with GPS and a heart rate monitor designed for continuous tracking of sports activities, but it is also a fully-featured smartwatch.

It’s a smartwatch that allows you to make phone calls, receive emails, all types of notifications, or even listen to music independently.

Amazfit Nexo BlancoAC1817WH Pulsera de actividad

GlassCorning Gorilla Glass 3
DisplayAMOLED Р454 x 454 px (1.39″)
Dimensions35.4 x 13.7 mm
Water ResistanceIP68
ConnectivityeSim 4G, Bluetooth 4.2, and WiFi
Other FunctionsMultisport, speaker, microphone, sleep tracking

‚ě§ Xiaomi Mi Watch

xiaomi mi watch
The Xiaomi Mi Watch is possibly the great revelation of 2020 regarding smartwatches with mobile phone capabilities.

It is a watch similar to the Apple Watch and doesn’t fall short in terms of features. Its powerful Snapdragon Wear 3100 processor combined with polished Wear OS make it a very powerful device.

Of course, it also has LTE connectivity via eSim, allowing it to function as a standalone phone.

Considering it will have a very accessible price, in line with the rest of the Chinese company’s products, we are likely looking at one of the best mobile phone watches of 2020.

Although it is not yet available in Spain, impatient customers can already purchase it from different Chinese stores such as Aliexpress, but be careful because it is the Chinese version.

‚ě§ Xplora Phone Watch for Kids

Xplora Phone Watch for Kids

It is also quite common to acquire this type of watch to keep track of kids and stay in touch with them without having to buy them a mobile phone.

In this sense, there are watches with mobile phone capabilities specifically designed for young children, including certain restrictions.

For example, although they can have a SIM card, most of them can only make and receive calls from pre-registered contacts.

A good example is the Xplora, which also incorporates GPS with location tracking for parents and even an SOS button for emergency situations.

XPLORA X5 Play - Tel√©fono Reloj 4G para ni√Īos - Llamadas, Mensajes, Modo Colegio, SOS,...
  • Llamadas - Xplora X5 Play puede realizar y recibir llamadas de los contactos previamente registrados
  • Mensajes - El dispositivo puede recibir textos, emojis, im√°genes y mensajes de voz y responder con im√°genes, emojis y mensajes de voz
  • SOS - En caso de emergencia, el ni√Īo puede presionar el bot√≥n SOS para notificar a los contactos de emergencia de su ubicaci√≥n
  • Localizaci√≥n GPS y zonas de seguridad - Xplora X5 Play utiliza m√ļltiples servicios para mostrar la ubicaci√≥n del dispositivo. Hay una opci√≥n...
  • WiFi y compatibilidad de red - El Xplora X5 Play puede conectarse a WiFi para reducir costes. Este producto es compatible con la mayor√≠a de redes...

‚ě§ Ticwatch Pro 3 Ultra 4G/LTE with Phone and GPS

Ticwatch Pro Phone Watch

Finally, there are other lesser-known smartwatches with mobile phone capabilities, often more like smartphones than traditional watches in terms of functions.

This is the case of the Ticwatch Pro, a relatively unknown Chinese watch that even comes with Wear OS, Google’s famous operating system for watches.

It is also a multisport watch with GPS that can track various different sports activities, all at a very reasonable price.

Ticwatch Reloj inteligente Pro 3 Ultra 4G WH11013 LTE con Vodafone OneNumber y Orange eSIM...
  • La conexi√≥n celular garantiza que el reloj comparta el n√ļmero de tel√©fono m√≥vil con su tel√©fono inteligente, usando su n√ļmero de tel√©fono,...
  • La tecnolog√≠a de pantalla dual ofrece hasta 72 horas de duraci√≥n de la bater√≠a en el modo inteligente y hasta 45 d√≠as en el modo esencial. La luz...
  • Cuenta con una plataforma Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 y un sistema de procesador dual Mobvoi que ofrece un rendimiento y conectividad r√°pidos y...
  • El sensor de bar√≥metro y multi-GNSS integrado navega por la mejor ruta para usted. 24/7 monitorea continuamente la frecuencia card√≠aca y el nivel de...
  • Seguimiento de actividad f√≠sica M√°s de 20 modos de entrenamiento: realiza un seguimiento de los pasos, la frecuencia card√≠aca, las calor√≠as y le...

‚úö Watches with Mobile Phone and Telecommunications Operators

Unless you intend to use the watch with a different phone number than your regular one, you will have to find a way to duplicate your SIM card to use it in both the watch and your phone simultaneously.

The first thing that comes to mind is to get a duplicate SIM card, but this is not a valid solution, as activating a duplicate will automatically deactivate your main SIM card, meaning you can only have one active SIM with this service.

Considering that more and more people need to receive calls and messages on their watch without changing their number, some companies have created a new service known as MultiSIM.

With the MultiSIM service, it is possible to have two or more SIM cards with the same number, working simultaneously for making calls, receiving messages, or using the Internet.

The problem is that this service comes at a cost, ranging from ‚ā¨3 to ‚ā¨9 per month depending on the operator, and not all companies offer it.

In the following table, you can see some of the operators that currently offer this service in Spain and their costs and conditions:

Vodafone‚ā¨5/monthUp to 4 SIM cards with the same number
OrangeActivation ‚ā¨5 + fee of ‚ā¨2.95/monthUp to 4 SIM cards with the same number. Speed limitation applies.
Movistar‚ā¨8/monthUp to 4 SIM cards with the same number for the same price (free with 20 plus contract)
JazztelShipping ‚ā¨12.04 + fee of ‚ā¨3.63/monthUp to 3 SIM cards with the same number
Euskaltel‚ā¨2.42/monthPrice per device
SUOP‚ā¨3/monthOnly available for plans with 10 GB or more data
O2‚ā¨5/monthUp to 2 additional SIM cards for the same price
ION mobile‚ā¨3.50/month

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