Casio Alien A100: Lieutenant Ripley’s Watch

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The Casio Alien A100 is an iconic digital watch, known for its appearance in the 1979 science fiction film “Alien.”

Its retro-futuristic design and association with the iconic Lieutenant Ripley have made this watch a sought-after item for collectors and science fiction enthusiasts worldwide.

In this article, we will analyze the history of the Casio Alien A100, its main features, and the different versions and limited editions that have been released over the years.

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Casio Alien A100WEL-1AEF
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  • Correa de piel negra de alta calidad con hebilla de 20 cm de largo y 21 mm de ancho
  • Medidas de la caja: 32 x 40 mm, grosor de la caja: 9 mm, color de la carcasa: plata y color de la esfera: negro
  • Resistente al agua: 3 barras. Peso: 28 g
  • El reloj se entrega en una caja de regalo original y tiene una garant√≠a de 2 a√Īos

‚úö Casio Casio Alien A100 – Technical Specifications

Model Year2021
MovementJapanese Quartz
CaliberModule 52
BatteryCR1616 Battery (3 years)
Glass TypeAcrylic
CaseChrome-plated Plastic Resin
StrapStainless Steel or Plastic Resin (depending on the model)
Strap Width19 millimeters
Dimensions40.7 √ó 32.7 √ó 9.2 mm
Weight53 grams
Water Resistance3 bar (30 meters)
Special FunctionsAlarm, Calendar, Stopwatch, LED Backlight

‚úö A Bit of History

The story behind the Casio Alien A100 is interesting and originates from Casio’s first digital watch with a resin exterior, the F-100 model from 1978.Sigourney Weaver with the Casio Alien A100

This model was Casio’s first digital watch with a resin case, which provided a lighter weight and more durable construction compared to contemporary watches made of steel at that time.

However, the true turning point for the F-100 came when it was featured in the 1979 science fiction film “Alien,” where Lieutenant Ripley, portrayed by Sigourney Weaver, wore it on her wrist.

Specifically, Ripley wore two of these watches joined by a short nylon strap on her wrist. This appearance in the film propelled the F-100 to fame and turned it into an icon.

The watch became a cult object among fans of the movie and watches in general, and the F-100 models started to be known as “Casio Ripley” or “Casio Alien.”

As demand for these watches increased significantly, unfortunately, Casio discontinued their production, and they disappeared from the market.

However, the F-100 models were never forgotten, and eventually, Casio decided to revive them as the A100 series, which is a new line of watches inspired by the F-100 model used by Ripley in the movie “Alien.”

‚úö Design and Features of the Casio Alien A100

The Casio Alien A100 is a reinterpretation of the F-100 model, maintaining its retro-futuristic style and basic features, but with some improvements and variations.

‚ě§ Case and Crystal

The watch case is made of chrome-plated plastic resin, giving it a metallic appearance. While the durability of resin is not as high as that of steel, this material allows the watch to have a lighter weight.
Design of the Casio Alien A100

Its dimensions are 40.7 √ó 32.7 √ó 9.2 mm, an intermediate size suitable for any wrist and large enough to accommodate the unique design of its buttons.

The crystal of the Casio Alien A100 is acrylic, making it more resistant to shocks than other harder materials like mineral glass, but also more prone to scratches over time.

Despite this, acrylic is still a good choice for a watch of this type, as it is less expensive and easily repairable in case of damage.

With this case, the Casio Alien achieves a water resistance of 30 meters (3 bar), making it suitable for daily use and activities such as handwashing, but not for bathing or swimming.

‚ě§ Display and Dial

The dial of the Casio Alien A100 features a simple and elegant layout, with a single-line digital display at the bottom and additional information displayed in small characters at the top.
Bracelet of the Casio Alien A100

The digital display is relatively small but sufficient to show the time and the various functions of the watch.

However, unlike some other Casio models, there is no second row to display the date, which can be slightly inconvenient for some users.

To view the date and day, the lower right button must be held down, and the values are displayed only while the button is held.

As for the LED backlight, it is sufficient for reading the data in low-light conditions. The version with a dark background and clear numbers has slightly worse contrast, but it is still good enough for reading the data at night.

It is worth mentioning that frequent use of the backlight will reduce battery life, although Casio claims that the battery lasts at least 3 years.

‚ě§ The Bracelet

With the bracelet of the Alien A100, Casio has maintained the retro aesthetic with a simple link bracelet, similar to the original 1978 F-100 version.
Bracelet of the Casio Alien A100

The bracelet is made of stainless steel in most versions, with the exception of the silver version, which comes with a plastic resin strap.

A unique feature of the bracelet is the cursor-shaped buckle, which allows adjusting the bracelet without removing any links.

Simply lift the plate on the buckle, slide the buckle to the desired point, and click it back into place. It is a simple and effective system that facilitates adjusting the bracelet to the wrist.

This bracelet also features a surface treatment in the color versions, which is a type of ion coating called PVD.

This coating theoretically improves abrasion resistance. However, some users have reported that the bracelet can scratch or show signs of wear with daily use.

‚ě§ The Movement

The Casio Alien A100 uses the Japanese quartz movement, module 52. This movement is known for its high precision and reliability.
Casio Alien A100

With an accuracy of ¬Ī 30 seconds per month, the watch ensures that it will always be on time, which is especially important for people who need to keep an accurate record of time.

Module 52 also offers a range of useful functions, such as the 1/10-second stopwatch, which can measure elapsed time up to 59 minutes and 59.9 seconds.

In addition, it has a daily alarm and a hourly signal, which are perfect for maintaining a schedule and not missing important events.

The LED backlight with a light amber color is particularly useful in low-light situations, allowing for easy reading of the time even in darkness.

The A100’s automatic calendar is a very useful feature for those who need to stay up to date with dates. It can adjust automatically to account for leap years and is programmed up to 2099.

Overall, despite being very affordable, the movement of the Casio A100 offers various useful functions, durability, and more than acceptable precision.

‚úö Versions and Limited Editions

Casio has released various versions and limited editions of the Alien A100, primarily focusing on design variations while maintaining the same functions. They are as follows:

‚ě§ Casio A100WE-1AEF

This model comes with a stainless steel strap and a classic silver-colored case. The display has the classic configuration with a white background, black numbers, and amber LED backlight.

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Casio Mirar A100WE-1AEF
  • Pulsera: Acero inoxidable
  • Cierre: Cierre deployante
  • Material de la caja: Pl√°stico
  • Color de la esfera: Plateado
  • Material de la esfera: Pl√°stico

‚ě§ Casio A100WEGG-1AEF

In this version, the strap is also made of stainless steel but features a gray PVD coating, similar to the resin case, which, as mentioned before, has a steel appearance.

The display in this case is negative, with a black background and white numbers. It also has amber LED backlight.

Casio Mirar A100WEGG-1AEF
  • Pulsera: Acero inoxidable Negro
  • Cierre: Cierre deployante
  • Material de la caja: Acero inoxidable
  • Color de la esfera: Negro
  • Material de la esfera: Pl√°stico

‚ě§ Casio A100WEF-3AEF

With a rubber strap in this case and a silver-finished plastic resin case. The display in this case is white with black numbers.

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Casio Digital A100WEF-3AEF
  • Green / green / mineral

‚ě§ Casio A100WEGG-1A2EF

It is a sub-variant of the A100WEGG model with the normal display, featuring a white background and black numbers. The rest of the watch is the same, with a stainless steel strap with a gray PVD coating and a matching case.

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Casio Watch A100WEGG-1A2EF
  • Este reloj elegante y pr√°ctico es perfecto para cualquier ocasi√≥n. Es un gran regalo para familiares y amigos. Este reloj tiene una funci√≥n de...
  • Pulsera de alta calidad de acero inoxidable negro de 21 cm de largo y 19 mm de ancho con hebilla desplegable
  • Medidas de la caja: 32 x 36 mm, grosor de la caja: 9 mm, color de la caja: negro y color de la esfera: negro
  • Resistente al agua: 3 bares. Peso: 54 g
  • El reloj viene en una bonita caja de regalo con una garant√≠a de 2 a√Īos

‚ě§ Casio A100WEPC-1BER Pac-Man Limited Edition

The Casio Alien A100 Pac-Man is a special edition of the Casio digital watch, inspired by the famous 1980s video game, Pac-Man.

This version of the watch has a unique and eye-catching design that sets it apart from the other models in the Casio Vintage line.

In terms of design, the A100 Pac-Man draws inspiration from elements of the game, including the iconic yellow character, the ghosts, and the dots that Pac-Man must eat on each level.

The watch’s dial also changes, featuring an image of Pac-Man eating dots, while the strap has an embossed pattern with the ghosts and dots.

Additionally, the back of the watch case has an inscription with the name of the game.

Other than that, it has the same specifications as the original model, including its Japanese quartz movement with module 52.

‚úö Conclusion

The Casio Alien A100 is an exceptional choice for those seeking a retro-futuristic-style watch with a cinematic and pop culture history. Its durable design and basic features make it a reliable and practical choice for daily use.

Furthermore, the various versions and limited editions available in the market allow collectors and enthusiasts to find a model that suits their preferences and personal style.

In summary, it is an iconic watch that celebrates Casio’s history and legacy in the digital watch industry while offering aesthetics and functionality that remain relevant and attractive today.

Whether you are a fan of the “Alien” movie, a watch collector, or simply someone who appreciates timeless and functional design, this Casio watch is an option that won’t disappoint you.

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