Lorus Watches: History, Prices, and Reviews

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In this article, we will talk about Lorus watches, a brand owned by Seiko that offers quality, style, and technology at an affordable price.

Lorus watches are usually more affordable than Seiko branded watches, but this does not mean they are of lower quality. They are manufactured in the same factories and maintain the same manufacturing standards.

The brand benefits from all the technological advancements within the group, so it is not uncommon to find models with the same specifications and features as those found in Seiko watches.

In this post, we will take a look at the history of Lorus, considering its position within the company and showcasing some of its best watches to determine if it is a good brand.

鉁 Lorus Watches: Origin and History

The Lorus brand was introduced in Europe back in 1982. With this move, Seiko Watch Corporation aimed to reach a less affluent audience, complementing its offering of affordable watches.

Lorus chronograph watches

The launch was a success, and in just 30 years, over 120 million Lorus watches were sold worldwide, complementing other brands of the company like Pulsar.

Since then, the Japanese watch brand has created numerous designs for women, men, and children, all of which offer a value far superior to their price.

Currently, Lorus offers a wide range of designs, including numerous chronographs, digital watches, and even some automatic models.

鉁 Are Lorus Watches Good?

Before knowing their origin, many people wonder if Lorus watches are good, but once it is known that they are manufactured by Seiko, the answer is clear: a resounding yes.

Seiko Watch Company was founded in Tokyo in 1881 and, with over 130 years in the watch industry, is possibly the largest watch company in Japan and one of the leading manufacturers in the world.

Undoubtedly, the quality that Seiko imparts to its products also extends to all subsidiary brands that come out of its factories, including Lorus, as their components are also Seiko branded.

Lorus Watches Reloj Unisex de Analogico con Correa en Chapado en Acero Inoxidable RH941GX9

MovementJapanese quartz
MaterialsStainless steel
Case Diameter44 mm
Case Thickness10 mm
Water Resistance10 ATM (100 meters)

However, many people consider Pulsar to be at a higher level because it has Kinetic watches and other Seiko technologies that have not yet reached Lorus.

For these individuals, Seiko watches would be the high-end range of the brand, Pulsar would be a kind of mid-range, and Lorus would be the lowest level within the company’s offerings.

Certainly, if we look at the price range of each brand, we can see that Lorus watches are the most affordable of the three brands, which supports this theory, although they are still a Seiko product.

鉁 Best Lorus Watches

Among the best Lorus branded watches, we can find designs of all kinds, especially sporty chronographs for men, women, and children, as well as some digital models.

Most Lorus designs are quartz, although the brand also offers automatic models, all of them with Hattori Japanese mechanisms, another brand owned by Seiko.

鉃 Lorus Men’s Watches

The men’s models stand out for their sporty character and high water resistance. Most of them are waterproof up to 100 meters.

They also usually integrate chronographs, and some models additionally include a tachymeter, dual time zones, and other interesting functions.

鉃 Lorus Women’s Watches

In the women’s watches, elegant dress designs prevail, although there are also some sporty models with more colorful designs.

All of them are made of stainless steel with straps of the same material or leather, and they are water-resistant, although the immersion capacity may vary between 30 and 100 meters depending on the model.

鉃 Lorus Kids’ Watches

The children’s models are characterized mainly by their small dimensions and colorful designs. While most of them are made of stainless steel with PU straps and have good water resistance and other features.

鉃 Lorus Automatic Watches

The brand also offers some automatic models. These are robust designs made of stainless steel that include mechanical movements.

The calibers used are usually from Seiko’s entry-level range, such as the well-known 7s26. These movements have been on the market for some years and are not very advanced, but they are reliable and, above all, affordable.

鉃 Lorus Digital Watches

The brand also has several digital models, many of which combine a digital display with analog hands, although there are also purely digital designs.

All digital models are also characterized by their multifunctionality, with the classic functions of this type of watch (LED light, alarm, stopwatch, etc.), and are generally water-resistant up to 100 meters.

鉁 Prices and Reviews

Lorus watches generally do not disappoint; they function correctly and are well-designed. Therefore, it is not easy to find unfavorable opinions about this brand.

Aside from some criticisms of a few defective models, most buyers of this brand are usually satisfied.

In any case, as a well-known and well-supported brand, all Lorus watches come with the corresponding warranty period to address any issues that may arise.

Regarding prices, as mentioned earlier, Lorus is the affordable brand of Seiko and, therefore, is much cheaper. They are often more affordable than Pulsar watches, also from the same manufacturer.

However, we must keep in mind that they are not low-cost Chinese watches, so they will not be as inexpensive, although they are still cheap considering what they offer. Japanese quality comes at a price.

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