The Top 12 Hybrid Watches of 2023

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Hybrid watches are devices that resemble regular watches, like those available at any jewelry store, but internally possess some of the functions of a smartwatch, such as step tracking, sleep monitoring, or even displaying phone notifications.

While hybrid smartwatches might not feature a spectacular ultra-high-resolution display or take photos like some of the latest smartwatch models, they offer the advantage of a battery life more similar to that of a traditional watch.

Currently, the market offers a wide variety of options, ranging from analog versions created by various tech brands to luxurious Swiss hybrid watches. There are even a few fashion brands that have ventured into manufacturing these devices.

If you like the idea of wearing an elegant watch on your wrist while still having smart features, in this post, we’ll showcase the best hybrid watches of 2022.

‚úö Best Hybrid Watches for Men

‚ě§ Withings ScanWatch

Withings ScanWatch hybrid watches

The Withings ScanWatch is one of the top hybrid watches available today due to its impressive features, including ECG, pulse oximetry, and advanced sleep monitoring.

It’s constructed from high-quality stainless steel and features a small AMOLED display on the top of the dial, showing tracking statistics, notifications, and heart rate data.

In fact, its ECG sensor can even detect arrhythmias, such as high or low heart rate, making it one of the most advanced hybrid watches out there.

Additionally, it can use GPS data to track outdoor activities like running, provide VO2 Max estimates, and automatically recognize activities.

The ScanWatch is available in 38mm and 42mm sizes and could easily pass as a sports watch if it weren’t for its hands, resembling a stylish dress watch.

¬°OFER! -28%
Withings , Scanwatch De 42 Mm Unisex Adulto, Negro (Black), Mm
  • ELECTROCARDIOGRAMA: la funci√≥n de ECG permite detectar la fibrilaci√≥n auricular, determinar si el pulso card√≠aco es normal, y controlar si la...
  • OX√ćMETRO DE PULSO DE MU√ĎECA: proporciona informaci√≥n sobre el nivel de saturaci√≥n de ox√≠geno en sangre con precisi√≥n cl√≠nica (SpO2) y a demanda...
  • CONTROL CARD√ćACO: permite llevar un control sobre el pulso card√≠aco y recibir notificaciones cuando la frecuencia card√≠aca sea at√≠pica (baja o...
  • SEGUIMIENTO DE LA FRECUENCIA CARD√ćACA: permite llevar un control constante de la frecuencia card√≠aca mientras se hace ejercicio para sacar as√≠ el...
  • DETECCI√ďN DE TRASTORNOS RESPIRATORIOS: detecta problemas respiratorios durante la noche e identifica los s√≠ntomas de la apnea del sue√Īo

‚ě§ Fossil Q Grant

Fossil Q Grant hybrid watches

The Fossil Q Grant is a classic hybrid watch that combines elegance with a good dose of technology at a reasonable price.

This watch can alert you to incoming mobile notifications through vibrations and also offers comprehensive activity tracking for steps, distance, and calories.

While the Q Grant doesn’t include a heart rate sensor like some other hybrid watches, it operates on a battery like any regular quartz watch and can last up to six months.

It also provides a wide range of customizable functions through its dedicated app, compatible with both iOS and Android. These functions include:

  • Ringing your phone from the watch
  • Taking remote selfies with a button on the watch
  • Controlling your music player
  • Setting personalized goals
  • Automatically adjusting the time based on time zones

The buttons can even be configured to place each function in the most convenient location.

In addition to syncing with its app, the Q Grant can be linked to other applications and social networks like Google Fit, so you won’t need to switch watches constantly.

Fossil Reloj de Bolsillo Analógico de Cuarzo FTW1139
  • Grosor de la caja: 13 mm; Tama√Īo de la caja: 44 mm; Ancho de la correa: 22 mm; Circunferencia de la correa: 200 +/‚Äď 5 mm
  • Material de la correa: Acero inoxidable; Resistente al agua: 5 ATM
  • Se presenta en caja de regalo Fossil Connected
  • Vida √ļtil de la pila: Hasta 6 meses* *seg√ļn el uso; Conectividad: Bluetooth Smart activado/4.1 Low Energy; Compatibilidad: Android OS 5.0+, iPhone...
  • Seguimiento de actividad: S√≠; Material de la caja: Acero inoxidable; Ritmo card√≠aco: No; Control de sue√Īo: S√≠; Intercambiable: S√≠;...

‚ě§ Casio GW-B5600-2ER

Casio GW-B5600-2ER hybrid watch

Once again, Casio surprises us with one of the most comprehensive and cost-effective hybrid watches on the market. Introducing the GW-B5600-2ER, a vintage-inspired watch that shares nothing with its predecessor, the GW-M5610-1ER.

In fact, the GW-B5600-2ER is a high-tech device inside, building upon the interesting features of its predecessor and adding the ability to connect to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This is a solar-powered radio-controlled watch, eliminating the need for battery changes. It can also set itself to the correct time, even without a phone connection.

Bluetooth functionality allows you to configure specific watch features, such as alarms, reminders, world time, and even remotely ringing your phone.

While it does have one drawback, as unlike some other hybrids, the GW-B5600-2ER doesn’t display phone notifications. Still, considering its cost and other features, it’s definitely worth considering.

Bluetooth-enabled Casio hybrid watch

MovementQuartz Casio Mod. 3461
MaterialsResin case and strap
Dimensions48.9 √ó 42.8 √ó 13.4 mm
Weight53 g
Water Resistance200 meters

‚ě§ Misfit Command

Misfit Command hybrid watch

Continuing with analog smartwatches featuring fitness functions, we have the Misfit Command, a watch capable of indicating the type of notification through the position of its hands. By looking at it, you can even discern who’s calling you.

Although it might seem complex to use, reading it is quite straightforward once you understand how the hands function. The sub-dial indicates the type of notification, while the main dial’s hands can display the days of the week and the number of notifications.

The Misfit Command can also vibrate on your wrist whenever a phone notification arrives and can show your daily step count. You can even assign numbers to contacts, and the watch’s hands will point to them, letting you know who’s calling.

Its buttons also allow you to control music, find your phone, or take remote photos, among other things.

Apart from being one of the most stylish hybrid watches, the Command operates on batteries and, according to the manufacturer, can last up to a year without needing a change. It’s also water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Misfit Reloj Analogico para Unisex de Cuarzo con Correa en Silicona MIS5017
  • Material de la caja: acero inoxidable
  • Compatibilidad: dispositivos Android OS 4.4 y superiores, iPhone 5/iOS 8.2 y superiores Material de la correa: Silicona
  • Vida √ļtil de la bater√≠a: hasta 1¬†a√Īo

‚ě§ Timex IQ+ Move

Timex IQ+ Move hybrid watch

If you’re looking for a watch with a design closer to a chronograph and don’t mind sacrificing some smartwatch features, the Timex IQ+ Move might be a good choice.

The elegance of the Timex is apparent; the design is clean and minimalistic, and the sub-dial used for step tracking resembles a chronograph. The strap is made of leather, and the crystal is mineral glass, although it’s not scratch-resistant.

In terms of technology, this Timex can count steps quite accurately, even adjusting for height and stride for greater reliability. However, it doesn’t calculate the duration of each activity or provide heart rate information.

It also comes with an iOS and Android app that lets you set alarms and timers.

Keep in mind that the IQ+ Move is possibly one of the most limited hybrid watches in terms of functions. For instance, it lacks notifications and vibration capabilities. Let’s say it’s more about fashion than being highly intelligent.

That said, there’s a wide variety of different models and interchangeable straps available. It also runs on a battery that can last up to a year and is water-resistant up to 50 meters.

Timex IQ+ Move
  • Reloj Unisex Timex TW2P95000UK (√ė 41 mm)

‚ě§ EMPORIO ARMANI Hybrid Smartwatch

EMPORIO ARMANI Hybrid Smartwatch

There are also elegant options that surprise with the abundance of smart features they offer. This is the case with the Hybrid Smartwatch by the renowned fashion brand Emporio Armani.

The Hybrid achieves practically the same functions as more complex hybrid watches with its two minimalist dials, such as displaying notifications, counting steps, or even taking photos.

One of the most interesting features of this watch is its ability to adjust the time automatically based on the time zone we’re in, which is very useful when traveling.

It works with both Android and iOS and also uses a battery for power, so it can operate for up to a year without needing a charge.

Emporio Armani Smartwatch híbrido para hombre, de acero inoxidable con correa de acero...
  • Los smartwatches h√≠bridos funcionan con los tel√©fonos iphone1 y android
  • No necesita cargarse; su pila de bot√≥n, f√°cil de cambiar, dura hasta 12 meses
  • Seguimiento de la actividad y del sue√Īo con estad√≠sticas y vistas de progreso a largo plazo en la aplicaci√≥n incluida: establece objetivos...
  • Recibe notificaciones de tus aplicaciones y contactos favoritos de tu smartphone mediante vibraciones discretas del smartwatch h√≠brido o cons√ļltalas...
  • Botones personalizables, controla la m√ļsica, haz sonar tu tel√©fono, haz una foto, actualizaciones de hora autom√°ticas, segunda zona horaria

‚úö Best Women’s and Unisex Hybrid Watches

‚ě§ Withings Move ECG

Withings Move ECG

With the Move ECG, Withings once again demonstrates that electrocardiograms (ECGs) are not limited to expensive Apple smartwatches.

Withings smart hybrid watches often include the ECG feature, and they do so for a fraction of the price compared to other brands.

You simply need to hold the bezel for 30 seconds to measure the electrical activity of your heart. But that’s not all; it also tracks other health and fitness parameters.

For example, it records your runs, swims, sleep, etc. Despite all its health capabilities, it’s a fairly affordable hybrid smartwatch.

Withings Move ECG - Monitor de actividad y de sue√Īo con monitor de ECG, GPS conectado y...
  • CON CAPACIDAD PARA HACER ELECTROCARDIOGRAMAS (ECG): registra un ECG en 30 segundos y la aplicaci√≥n detecta la fibrilaci√≥n auricular al instante;...
  • VALIDADO CL√ćNICAMENTE: Move ECG ha sido desarrollado y validado cl√≠nicamente con la ayuda de cardi√≥logos, conformidad CE; puedes enviar los...
  • ENTRENA A TU CORAZ√ďN: realiza un seguimiento autom√°tico de tus pasos, carreras, largos de nataci√≥n y hasta m√°s de 30 actividades de forma...
  • DUERME MEJOR: realiza un seguimiento del sue√Īo (etapas de sue√Īo profundo y ligero), facilita una valoraci√≥n de su calidad y te despierta de forma...
  • DISE√ĎADO PARA USO DIARIO: sin necesidad de carga, con una bater√≠a de hasta 12 meses de duraci√≥n y sumergible hasta 50 M (5 ATM); podr√°s nadar,...

‚ě§ Withings Steel

Withings Steel hybrid watch

The Withings Steel is a unisex watch that offers activity tracking, sleep monitoring, and alarm synchronization from your mobile device. Perhaps its best feature is its low price.

Through the Health Mate app, the Steel can sync with both iOS and Android phones, recording various types of activities like walking, running, or even swimming, as it’s water-resistant up to 50 meters.

It’s a lightweight and stylish watch, yet also sporty due to its rubber strap. However, this strap might not be the best option for formal wear. There’s a wide range of straps available for customization.

The downside of the Withings Steel is that it doesn’t display phone notifications nor has a heart rate sensor. However, there’s a similar model known as Steel HR, which offers these features for just a few more euros.

Additionally, while the Withings Steel has fewer features, it runs on a battery and can last up to 8 months without needing a change, whereas the HR model uses a battery and requires charging every 5 or 6 days.

‚ě§ Fossil Q Annette

Fossil Q Annette women's hybrid watches

Fossil also offers a women’s version of its popular Q Grant called the Q Annette. This watch stands out with its unique design in golden tones and a slim strap. It doesn’t miss any of the features that characterize the male version.

It’s a battery-powered watch that can last up to 6 months without a change and is water-resistant up to 50 meters. Moreover, it’s slightly more affordable and available in three different strap and color combinations.

Fossil Reloj Analógico para Mujer de Cuarzo con Correa en Acero Inoxidable FTW5026
  • M√ļltiples funciones: notificaciones de smartphone (mensajes, llamadas, apps, alarmas), botones customizables (controla tu m√ļsica, haz una foto),...
  • Compatible con Android OS 5.0+, iPhone 5/iOS 9.0+ / Conecta via Bluetooth Smart Enabled / 4.1 Low Energy
  • No necesita carga, pila incluida que dura hasta 6 meses (seg√ļn uso)
  • Art√≠culos entregados: 1 estuche FOSSIL Q, 1 smartwatch H√≠brido Fossil, 1 gu√≠a de inicio r√°pido, 1 herramienta para cambiar la pila, 1 librito de...

‚ě§ Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen’s Connected models are possibly the most minimalist hybrid watches you can wear on your wrist.

In fact, in the latest version, even the subdial indicating steps has been removed, yet it remains an admirable piece, carrying out the same functions as its predecessors with just two hands.

There are various versions available for both women and men, with different styles and sizes, all following the brand’s minimalist design principles.

All Skagen hybrid models feature sleep tracking, step tracking, notifications, and even the ability to configure buttons to interact with specific mobile apps.

In the newer models, “Hybrid” can be read under the brand, while in the older ones, it says “Connected.”

It operates using a CR2412 button cell battery, eliminating the need for recharging. Its water resistance is around 30 meters, so it’s not advisable to use it for swimming.

‚ě§ Garmin Vivomove HR

Garmin Vivomove HR

Although possibly the sportiest watch on the list, the Vivomove is not designed like other high-end Garmin sports watches such as the Fenix 5 and similar models. Nevertheless, as a hybrid, it’s one of the most comprehensive choices for sports activities.

The Garmin Vivomove HR not only offers step tracking but also follows any physical activity without the need to start or stop the counter manually, thanks to the Move IQ technology.

It also integrates a wrist-based heart rate sensor and even has stress measurement functions, which are not commonly found in other hybrid watches.

With water resistance of up to 50 meters, it’s also suitable for tracking swimming activities. The screen is OLED and includes a small digital section to display functions alongside the hands. Keep in mind that this model runs on a battery, so it needs to be charged at least once a week.

‚ě§ Mondaine Helvetica

Mondaine Helvetica

If you’re looking for a simple and elegant watch that won’t keep you glued to the screen, you’ll love the Mondaine Helvetica. It’s one of the most discreet hybrid watches in our guide.

Here, you won’t find a screen crowded with information or complex button combinations. Just an analog watch that you can sync with your Apple or Android device to access all the data.

Beneath its appearance as a luxury Swiss watch, the Mondaine Helvetica comprehensively tracks various health data, including sleep, steps, and activity levels, among other things.

It features a scratch-resistant display reinforced with sapphire glass for enhanced durability, along with an elegant leather strap.

Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch, Reloj de Cuero marrón para Hombre y Mujer, MH1.R2S10.LG,...
  • ‚úĒ [RELOJES HECHOS EN SUIZA] Mondaine tiene una larga tradici√≥n relojera y son sin√≥nimo de calidad suiza. Los mismos se fabrican en Solothurn,...
  • ‚úĒ [DISE√ĎO] Mondaine desarroll√≥ un dise√Īo excepcional y √ļnico para su colecci√≥n. Estos relojes representan a una de las tipograf√≠as m√°s...
  • ‚úĒ [MATERIAL] Este reloj de pulsera suizo est√° hecho exclusivamente con materiales de primera calidad. Su correa de cuero tiene un aspecto...
  • ‚úĒ [IMPERMEABLE & DIAL] Este reloj de cuero marr√≥n para Hombre y Mujer tiene una resistencia al agua hasta los 30 metros de profundidad y en el,...
  • ‚úĒ [GARANT√ćA DE SATISFACCI√ďN 100%] - Nos preocupamos por nuestros clientes. Cada reloj Mondaine viene con 2 a√Īos de garant√≠a del fabricante, as√≠...

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